One of the main questions we get from people about how to use our Travel Magazine Database is whether there’s any point signing up if you aren’t already sending a lot of magazine pitches.

Or if you don’t already know how to write pitches at all!

The thing is, we actually created the Travel Magazine Database to teach people how to write better pitches.

Each of the magazine how-to-pitch breakdowns we include in the database takes each individual article section open to freelancers and dissects exactly how to put together a successful article (and thus a pitch with a winning idea!) for that individual section.

And many of the magazines in the database have 15 articles each issue open to freelance writers!

Without seeing it in action, it can be a little hard to understand how that works–and especially how you will literally start feeling overwhelmed with article ideas to write up into pitches once you start looking at magazines this way.

That’s why we’re bringing back a feature we used to run here on The Six-Figure Travel Writer Blog: the Friday Freebie Five.

Each Friday, we’ll share with you five different magazine sections around a theme, like road trips, or city guides, or personal essays, that are looking for your freelance pitches.

Check out our archives to see what we’ve already covered:

  1. Five Magazines Looking for Hotel & Accommodation Profiles
  2. Five Magazines Looking for Profiles of Interesting People
  3. Five Magazines Looking for Celebrity Profiles and Interviews
  4. Five Magazines Looking for Expat Profiles
  5. Five Magazines Looking for Wine, Beer & Spirits Articles
  6. Five Magazines Looking for City Guides
  7. Five Magazines Looking for City Guides (Edition II)
  8. Five Magazines Looking for City Guides (Edition III)
  9. Five Magazines Looking for City Guides (Edition IV)
  10. Five Magazines Looking for Itinerary Departments and Features
  11. Five Magazines Looking for Road Trip Articles
  12. Five Magazines Looking for Essay Pieces
  13. Five Magazines Looking for Front-of-Book Trend Pieces
  14. Five Magazines Looking for Front-of-Book Trend Pieces (Edition II)



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