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Each week, we comb our Travel Magazine Database to bring you five magazine sections open to freelancers around a theme–front-of-book trend pieces, long-form first-person features, short narrative postcards–to inspire your pitches.


“From the Sideboard” is a drinks-themed section focusing on an area or place that United Airlines fly to. The section is approximately 300-500 words and includes quotes from an interview with a bar manager or vineyard owner, for example. This section is often followed by a short section recommending drinks or a cocktail recipe. Article examples include “Vine of the Times” about wine production in Portugal and “Prix-Fixe Pours.”

Taste & Travel

“Quench” is made up of one article which focuses on a drink experience from around the world. This is written in first person and is usually about 1,000 words long. There is often a “Cook It” sidebar with the relevant recipes and a “Click It” sidebar with links to any restaurants and attractions mentioned. An example from a recent issue includes “Santa Barbara Wine Country by the Sea” which tells the story of the writer’s trip on the Santa Barbara urban wine trail including details of wine tastings and further things to do in the area.

Northwest Travel + Life

“Pour” covers drink-based topics in the Northwest such as profiles of vineyards or grapes, recommendations for places to drink, or a profile of a beverage business. They are usually written in third person, with websites included throughout the narrative, and run to 600 words long. Examples include “A Perfect Expression of Place and Time: Alloro Vineyard,” a profile of the vineyard in Oregon covering the history, techniques and wines produced, “Methow Valley Sips,” a tasting tour of Washington’s Methow Valley including a winery, a ciderhouse, and a coffee roasters, and “Hi-Wheel Fizzy Wine,” a profile of Hi-Wheel Fizzy Wine Co which sells carbonated fruit wine in Portland.

Our State: Celebrating North Carolina

“Wineries and Breweries” highlights a particular North Carolina winery or brewery in 400 to 500 words. Recent articles include “Native Brew,” a mobile food truck-style brewery that reflects the culture of Wilmington, and “Back to the Bend,” the story of an elderly couple who returned to Wagram to open Cypress Bend Vineyards. Both “Restaurant” and “Wineries and Breweries” embody a human-interest narrative.


“Drink Up” is a 200-word article which covers a certain drink, usually a cocktail. In third person, it gives information on how and where the first version was made and often includes a quote from a bartender or relevant person. There is a 200-word sidebar called “3 To Try” which rounds up three more options to try in specific bars in different destinations. A recipe is also given which outlines the ingredients and method in about 100 words. Examples include “Piña Colada Nation,” with a description of the cocktail plus Piña Coladas to try in Hawaii, Toronto, and Palm Springs. And “Return of the Moscow Mule,” giving the history plus bars to try it in Nashville, Dallas and Palm Springs.



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