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Welcome to your new favorite news source, resource library, gossipy chat with friends, wizened mentor advice line, and cut-the-crap hotline.

Here at Dream of Travel Writing, we’re all about three things:

  • honesty
  • transparency
  • insanely useful information

When our founder, Gabi Logan, started freelance travel writing, there was no community of up-and-coming travel writers where everyone got together and discussed their fears, annoying editors, and what was holding them back.

She spent a lot of time reading websites about becoming location independent or freelancing generally or freelance writing across all different genres. As she built up her freelance writing career with regular gigs at magazines, well-paid work creating custom content for small travel companies, and blogging for travel websites, she had to figure it out as she went along.

All the websites she found on freelance travel writing either told her:

  • it’s incredibly difficult and you shouldn’t bother (a bit like the advice you get from lawyers when you say you want to go to law school)
  • you can’t make any money doing it (see issue #1)
  • how to write artful travel essays of a literary quality that you’ll spend years trying to publish because very few places publish artful, narrative travel writing (see issue #1 again)

To figure out the business of freelancing, she looked elsewhere, learning how business writers, web developers and graphic designers built their businesses the slow and hard way before the explosion of the gig economy and the ease of working from anywhere in the world.

As she started going to conferences for travel writers and bloggers, she felt like she didn’t know very much about how things worked, but was shocked to discover that earning a normal, healthy, sustainable income was never discussed at these conferences…in large part because many of the folks teaching other people how to become “successful” aren’t actually earning a healthy income themselves.

When asked what she did, Gabi would respond (assuming this is what freelace travel writing was like for everyone) with who she wrote for, and when people were surprised she got paid, she’d say something along the lines of, “Of course! $1,000-$2,000 a month per client! Don’t you?”

People started to ask her to coach them to do the same, and as so she dove deep into what keeps people who dream about being travel writers or call themselves travel writers without actually making enough money to really pass the amateur-professional threshold. After 18 months of conversations with hundreds of travel writers at all stages in their careers, and more than two years writing a website for freelancers run by a college business professor, she realized that three major things hold people from flourishing in their dream travel writing career:

  • drive that boarders on pigheaded stubbornness
  • knowledge of how the industry really works
  • the ability to know what is an idea or a story

So that’s what we talk about here. We help you figure out if you really have what it takes to become a travel writer, how to talk yourself through those times you’re worried you don’t, what editors are actually looking for, how to get travel writing work quickly and easily, and how to manage work once you have it.

We weave these eight values through everything that we do:

  1. We believe that freelance travel writing is a financially, emotionally, and creatively sustainable lifestyle choice, and all of our products and services are designed to create lasting results.
  2. We don’t believe large instructor-to-student ratios create tangible results, and we are committed to only offering small group and one-on-one sessions.
  3. We place an incredibly high value on holistic, lifestyle solutions that guide you through the personal and professional plateau points inherent in pursuing this professional path.
  4. We only provide researched, step-by-step processes that are proven to create sustainable results when executed.
  5. We strongly believe that the number one way to expand one’s portfolio and increase one’s travel writing income is targeted, consistent pitching, and we are committed to rigorously improving that process for all of our users.
  6. We are committed to helping you navigate the difficult path of running a freelance business, which is not for everyone, to discover which route you personally need to be on and only take the best steps for your needs, background, and situation.
  7. We focus on the psychological and business barriers that prevent people from creating their ideal travel writing lifestyle rather than the travel itself.
  8. We are committed to making sure our writers finish what they start.

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