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Free Daily Travel Writing Webinars for December

In honor of our first anniversary, we’ve launched an exciting new feature: You can now stream all of our past webinars–one each day–for free.

These webinars are only available at the times listed, live, but you can catch the replay in video, audio, and transcript form, along with the webinar slides, at any time in our on-demand webinar library.

Check out the full schedule of December’s webinars and register for your favorites below.

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Announcing Two New Workshops Saturday, December 9 — Including a Live Online Workshop You Can Join from Anywhere in the World!

Many of you have asked me about or working with me on your writer’s websites, and I know this is a big sticking point for many of you!

We do have a “recipe” for getting your personal writing website (a.k.a. you freelance writer homepage, which should be different than your blog, if you have one) done in one hour, but for those of you that have varied interests, offerings, or travel backgrounds, or have been doing this for a while and simply have a lot to showcase, I know the task seems much more overwhelming.

So we’re going to offer a live, one-off, online workshop (integrating the participation, getting things done, and one-on-one critiques we offer in all of our live events) to make sure your website is ready for the new year: Plan, Perfect, Polish, Publish: Get Your Writer’s Website Done Now.

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Get Ready: Our 12 Days of Christmas Specials is Returning this Winter!

When traveling for work or leisure, I’ve often found one of the most beautiful and revelatory parts of new cultures centers around their religions. Italy’s transcendent cathedral architecture and Renaissance paintings. Bali’s towering stone temples and daily flower-filled offerings lining the streets. India’s multi-day, technicolor wedding festivities.

As my husband is Indian and a scientist and I am Irish Catholic but a child of two scientists, our family’s take on the holidays has always been a bit like our approach to our Indian wedding: a la carte. We love to give people gifts, so each holiday season sees us putting a lot of time and care into handcrafting candies, chocolates, jams, and other gifts for our friends and families each year.

This year, as part of my never-ending gratitude to all of you who read our newsletters, watch our webinars, attend our retreats, and sign up for coaching and the database, I wanted to extend that holiday tradition in your direction.

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FAQ About the Anniversary Special for Saving $90 on the Travel Magazine Database — EXPIRING TODAY

I just got off two coaching calls in a row with writers who have been writing for low- or non-paying outlets comfortably with good relationships with their editors but are intimidated to make the jump into paying markets.

Here’s the thing.

If you have been writing for an editor who doesn’t give you edits or in some way teach you about the industry and move your career forward, no matter how low or high the pay for those assignments are, or how quickly you can get the work done, or how easy the work is because you write it off the top of your head, you’re losing money in two ways:

  • you’re missing out on mentoring, which is, like “exposure,” one of the things you should be getting in a bargain for lower rates (a.k.a. anything less than $1 per work—and I even mean online)
  • you’re solidifying bad habits that are keeping you from getting future work from better markets, because these editors are examining your work with a fine tooth comb

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Want to Get Paid to Listen to Our Webinars?

Photo by Alphacolor 13 on Unsplash

Before our free live weekly webinars are added to our on-demand webinar library, where you get:

  • downloadable and streamable versions of the webinar video
  • downloadable and streamable versions of the webinar audio file alone
  • complete access to the webinar slides
  • any applicable worksheets
  • a 10+-page full transcript of the text of the entire call

…we need to have the webinars transcribed!

We’re currently looking to fill a backlog that has built up and have openings for two things:

  • people available immediately to get through our current backlog of webinars awaiting transcription (so it matters what’s on your plate for the next two weeks)
  • people to take on weekly transcription assignments going forward

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Join Us From Home for Our Landmark Live Workshop on the State of Magazine Pitching

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Due to some requests from our readers outside the New York area, we’re making this Saturday’s workshop on how to Master Magazine Pitching available to attend even if you aren’t able to join us in person.

We’ve tested the streaming in the event space and the speed is excellent, but we’ll have someone onsite specifically attending to those tuning in remotely to make sure that you can share in all the exercises and get your questions answered as if you were there in person.

Why is this workshop special?

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Announcing an Exciting New Feature: FREE Daily Webinars as Dream of Travel Writing Turns 1!

Here at Dream of Travel Writing, we do so much that it’s easy to forget that we’ve only been doing it for a year!

Last November, we:

This November, we’re taking a moment to celebrate not just what we’ve done, but the amazing writers (and especially formerly non-travel writers who now are travel writers!) we have had the pleasure to work with this year.

It like an early Thanksgiving!

In honor of our first anniversary, we’re launching an exciting new feature: You can now stream all of our past webinars–one each day–for free.

These webinars are only available at the times listed, live, but you can catch the replay in video, audio, and transcript form, along with the webinar slides, at any time in our on-demand webinar library.

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Plating, Staging and Food Photography: Bringing Still Lifes to Life

Photo by Nicolas Ladino Silva on Unsplash

As travel writers, there are so many occasions in our day-to-day doing of our work when we need to take quick, uncomposed shots.

Sometimes you take a quick picture just to remind yourself of something later.

Other times you’re trying to get a personality shot of a guide or other person talking to your group—snapping shot after shot on sports mode like an event photographer and hoping some of them will have usable poses, hands that aren’t in motion, and eyelids that aren’t unattractively half closed (though zombies are very popular these days on television, not so much in blogs and magazines!)

And yet other times, you’re seeking that stealth shot of a local in a location you’re visiting—trying to capture that ephemeral sense of place with your lens on the sly so that you don’t insert the notion of observation into the atmosphere, which inherently changes what your subjects do.

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Applications for Our New TravelContentCon At-Home Program Now Open

There are so, so many opportunities out there for travel content marketing.

How many hotels can you think of off the top or your head? How many destinations around the world? How many cities where visitors take tours during their stay?

In just the tour and activities market alone, in just the U.S., there are 68,000 companies valued at 20 billion. That’s not even the size of fish you’re probably going after. There are many, many more that are smaller and don’t have in-house staff devoted to their content marketing.

Every year when I attend the ITB Berlin travel trade show, more than 10,000 destinations, hotels, travel tech companies, and tour operators cram, often sharing several to a table, into a space the size of 30 football fields and pay anywhere from $4,575 to $38,200 to be there for just 2 days in front of around 160,000 German consumers and trade visitors (i.e. less than the monthly visitors of the vast majority of these organization’s websites every month).

Tourism boards in cities as small as Ontario, California (population 173,212), and Columbia, Missouri (population 120,612) are spending $1.9 million and $1.2 million, respectively, per year on tourism marketing and promotion. Destinations like Florida (population 20.61 million) and Philadelphia (population 1.6 million) spend more like $76 and $19.5 million respectively.

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