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The Blog: The Six Figure Travel Writer

We serve up:

  • in-depth breakdowns of how the publishing industry really works and what editors actually want to see in your pitch
  • the nitty-gritty details and dirty little secrets of the real lives of professional, freelance travel writers
  • step-by-step guides of how to find magazines, develop ideas, write pitches, and earn money as a travel writer.

70+ One-Hour Travel Writing Webinars

Each month, we record at least two new, one-hour courses on travel writing covering the whole gamut of ways to grow your income as a travel writer, from improving your magazine pitches to learning how to writing every type of article under the sun to creating custom blogging gigs that perfectly fit your interests, abilities, and background to maximizing your hourly rate.

There are two ways to catch the topics we’ve previously covered:

  • We broadcast one webinar live from our archive every single weekday at 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm GMT / 11pm CET (and 9am AEDT Tues-Sat).
  • We offer 24/7 access to our past webinars with the ability to download or stream the video or audio files along with access to the webinar slides and a full transcript in our on-demand webinar library.
  • A subscription to our all-access pass, the Dream Buffet, gives you access to the more than 85 hours of travel writing classes we’ve already recorded.

The Dream Buffet: Your All-Access Pass

Our Dream Buffet unites three resources with an incredible depth of information so that you have all of the knowledge at your fingertips that you need to get your travel writing career into the next gear:

  • More than 300 specific answers to questions that come up as you pursue travel writing, from scripts to use when editors respond to your pitch with a no to what to do when a potential client wants to hop on the phone to how to offer photography with your article pitches.
  • In-depth how-to-pitch breakdowns of more than 500 magazines, from major newsstand favorites like National Geographic Traveler and Travel + Leisure to the brilliantly paying airline magazines Delta Sky and United Hemispheres to niche titles from all around the globe.
  • More than 85 hours of video courses covering teaching everything you need to succeed as a full-time travel writer, from how to research and write every type of article under the sun to a step-by-step, tried-and-true process for landing four-figure retainer gigs writing content for travel companies to exactly how to get your travel expenses covered and make sure you pick up plenty of article ideas on each trip.

Learn more about what the Dream Buffet includes and how to grab your resources here.

The Book: Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map

For the first time ever, a professional travel writer spills the secrets of how to be a highly-paid travel writer in a clear, step-by-step formula you can easily copy to create your own dream career from how to maximize your online presence, power up your pitching and land recurring revenue to creating custom writing gigs and breaking into the big leagues. Grab your copy now or learn more and get the first three chapters free.

The Travel Magazine Database

Feel like you don’t know who will buy the story of your chance meeting with Bob Dylan on a rural bus or intimate family dinner in war-torn Syria? For hundreds of print magazines that accept travel articles, you’ll find detailed breakdowns of:

  • exactly which sections are open to freelancers
  • what pitches the magazine is looking for
  • which editors you need to reach out to for hundreds of print magazines that accept travel articles.

One-on-One Travel Writing Success Coaching

Need to get your travel writing career in high gear quickly before you transition out of a full-time job? Want to know exactly what you personally need to tweak to make more of your pitches turn into assignments? Wondering what are the right magazines, websites and travel companies for you and how to start getting paid by them this month?

All full coaching clients receive access to the Travel Magazine Database, a print version of The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map, a reasonable number of query critiques every month, and unlimited email support.

Pitch Letter Critiques

Putting your best foot forward with a magazine editor is one of the prime concerns most travel writers have, whether they’re starting from scratch and don’t know where to begin or have been at it for years and don’t know why they’re not getting the responses they’d hoped for. Get your pitch letters critiqued to find out exactly what’s holding you back and how to get more responses to your pitches.

In-Person Workshops and Intimate Retreats

Whether in Gabi’s Catskills writing retreat center or in locations around the world from Portland, Oregon, to Cleveland, Ohio, and London to Bali, Gabi runs regular workshops.

See our the schedule of upcoming retreats our workshop formats.

The Freelance Travel Writing Jobs Newsletter

Every week, we round up the best travel writing advice from our site and others, and the most legit travel writing job openings that have come up in the previous week. Never miss that perfect travel writing opportunity again.

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