I’ll never forget when the gentleman who runs the program in which I got certified as a business coach yelled at me about my pricing.

If you’ve every had a writing gig where you’re writing blog posts for $20 or $50 and spending several hours on each, you’ve probably had a similar conversation with me, a friend, or a significant other.

In that case, you may have heard that you are undervaluing yourself or your work, or maybe that you’re making things harder for all writers by creating unrealistic expectations with clients, or that you’ll never meet your income goals if you persist in spending that long on work that pays those rates.

At Dream of Travel Writing, the situation is a little different.

I don’t take any salary from running the company, and this was actually never my goal.

My mission has always been to get things up and running so that travel writers have a place to learn about how to make a sustainable income from their travel writing that makes them proud, all while doing work they enjoy, and have the company run on its own while I went back to writing.

That’s why I told Andrew, the head of the Center for Executive Coaching that I mentioned above, that if I charged more, the people who need and will be able to use my coaching to springboard their dream career wouldn’t be able to afford. It would only be well-off hobbyists, and that’s not the folks we started this company to help.

My goal with Dream of Travel Writing has always been an ambitious, difficult, and multi-faceted one: to provide to tools, education, and help that you need to take your travel writing career to whatever the next level is for you in a manner that is self-sustaining internally as a business.

That’s why we have to charge for webinars, for instance–that way there is a trained and dedicated person being paid to take care of any questions you have about your purchase and make sure that you are getting what you need.

Because we want to make sure that everyone who needs them has access to our webinars, we began, in celebration as our first year as a company, to offer access to one webinar from our archive free each day.

For our second anniversary as a company, we’ve got several new things for you, and we’ve already started the first: each week you can purchase one entire webinar set (with slides, video, audio, transcript, and any handouts) from our library for $5 webinar.

Some weeks, we’ll even offer a collection of webinars on a particular topic–like the Annual Review series we’ll have up next week–ALLĀ at once, so you can grab that whole set for just $25.

You can catch the new $5 webinar(s) for the week right here on our blog, or get notified in our weekly newsletter, which also exclusively lists all of the travel writing jobs available each week:

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