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The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road MapFor the first time ever, a professional travel writer spills the secrets of how to be a highly-paid travel writer in a clear, step-by-step formula you can easily copy to create your own dream career.

The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map walks aspiring travel writers and travel writers who have hit a plateau through how to maximize their online presence, land recurring revenue, power up their pitching, create custom writing gigs, and break into the big leagues.

Learn everything you ever wondered about:

  • how to earn professional writing rates right away
  • how much magazines really pay
  • what editors really want—and don’t want—in a pitch
  • where to pitch (listings of more than 1500 magazines)
  • how to get lucrative gigs writing for travel companies
  • what you really need on your website to land assignments

The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map is literally a step-by-step road map, complete with exercises along the way, for how to boost your travel writing income. In the introduction, we look at all the different ways to make money writing about travel today and different ways to work through the book, depending on where you are in your travel writing journey.

The last fifty pages of The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map also include ten appendices detailing more than 1500 magazines that need travel articles, real press trip itineraries, sample travel content proposals you can send to companies, and lists of the top travel conferences, writing resources, and twitter chats.

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What Readers Are Saying

I’ve been a full-time freelance writer for about two years now. I had gotten to a place where I was making enough money to get by, and felt satisfied with that. I figured, I’m a writer. I’m never going to make the big bucks, and it’s always going to be hard. But I love it, so I’ll keep slogging along. Then I read The Six-Figure Travel Writer and realized that I can demand more from this career path. I can in fact work less, make more, and still do the kind of writing that I love. Gabi’s book inspired me to ask for a raise from one of my biggest contract writing positions, and they gave it to me! I’m already on the path to making more money.

– Britany Robinson, Travel Blog Success

I normally have a strict taboo no-no about writing in books, but this one is chock full of notes and highlights. I know I will be reading it several times. I have loved it. It is written and edited very well. I have gotten so much out of it!

– Donna Long, Freelance Travel Writer

I am the proud owner and editor of my own travel web site, and also write for local web sites. I have some great travel stories to share, and decided to focus on getting these published, and making some money in the process. When I first heard Gabi Logan speak at a conference, I was so impressed. I was also shocked to learn that many of the techniques I thought might work in pitching stories to editors, were completely incorrect. I purchased her new book, “The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map” and I am so glad I did. This is a wealth of valuable resources and she really takes the reader step-by-step through the “how to” make this a reality. Thank you Gabi for putting me on the right track and I am implementing your sound advice and making it happen. It is giving me the road map I needed to navigate this interesting world of publishing.

– Deirdre Michalski, Freelance Travel Writer