Need to get your travel writing career in high gear quickly before you transition out of a full-time job? Want to know exactly what you personally need to tweak to make more of your pitches turn into assignments? Wondering what are the right magazines, websites and travel companies for you and how to start getting paid by them this month?

All coaching clients receive access to all of our dozens of past webinars on how to succeed as a well-paid travel writing, the Travel Magazine Database, The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map, and query critiques in addition to coaching calls.

We offer two levels of coaching–one with more phone calls and unlimited email support–depending on where you are and how much support you need to reach your goals.

We only open our coaching program twice a year and the second opportunity to join this year is happening this month!

Our coaching program information is only available to those who opt-in to hear about how it works, so if you’re thinking of joining, as soon as we open up applications, you’ll receive emails outlining how the program works, why, what you can expect, and what we can do together.

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Interested in one-on-one coaching to reach your travel writing goals?

We offer two levels, depending on whether you need to go from zero to sixty quickly or just need some continuous course corrections to what you're already doing to make sure you stay on track to hit big, amazing goals.

Pop your email address below and the next time the programs open, you'll get a short series of emails on how our program is set up, what, and what you can get out of it.

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