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The working titles for the two books we’re working on this spring are 101 Magazines That Want to Publish Your Travel Articles (our shorthand for this is 101 Magazines, or 101M) and 101 Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Being a Travel Writer (and we abbreviate this to 101 Questions, or 101Q).

(You can read more about our way-too-ambitious book projects for this year over here if you’re curious!)

We would deeply love to get your thoughts on what to cover in these books, so I want to make it easy for you to take a little time to chime in.

This week, for weighing in on which questions to include in our 101 Questions book, we’re starting our “cumulative” bonus model.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Each week we’ll draw five people at random who have completed the survey.
  2. For your first prize, you’ll get a free copy of the book and coupon for four webinars ($94 value) of your choosing in our webinar library.
  3. For your second prize, you’ll receive a half-hour coaching call with me ($?—you can’t even buy this on its own like this!).
  4. For your third prize, you’ll receive a free month of access to our Dream Buffet ($99 value), which includes access to our searchable travel writing Q&A library, the Travel Magazine Database, our entire past webinar library, live access to our new webinars, exclusive subscriber webinars, and access to my library of productivity and small business courses and travel industry research.
  5. For each prize you win after that, you’ll get another free month in the Dream Buffet!

How does that sound? Ready? This week, we’ve got questions on pitching magazines.

Please make sure to complete your survey by midnight PST on Sunday, March 17th to enter to win.

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