This past weekend, I had the privilege of spending three days with highly motivated, hardworking, and inspiring travel writers for our TravelContentCon retreat event.

We took our first three sessions up on the top of the Catskill’s famous Sam’s Point lookout as we explored what content marketing means today, and that’s when the magic began.

One of the really amazing things about these retreats, but also working with travel writers in general, is that the content every time I teach or coach is completely different each time, as you all have different backgrounds, destinations you know well, and ideas for what travel writing you would most enjoy doing.

We discussed ways to pursue content marketing by positioning yourself as a strategist designing user-generated-content funnels and campaigns for the Instagrams of established tour companies. We explored how companies offering multi-day family tours could incorporate customized children’s engagement activities. We dug deep into the websites of everything from tourism boards to TEFL certification companies to Holy Land tour operators to discover where the needs of those companies could intersect with the work that lit up our attendees.

And, most importantly, they left with an overwhelming sense of abundance–that there are so, so many different types of content marketing they could pursue and more than enough companies out there to fill their client portfolios on any number of ideas.

I know the recurring income of travel content marketing is an alluring prospect for many of you, but one of my favorite parts of offering travel content marketing engagements to clients in the past has always been that ability to create a paycheck doing exactly the type of work you want to do, because you are designing the role with your client.

For those of you that weren’t able to join us, I’ve set up our collection of five webinars covering the full process from conceiving a content marketing idea to finding the right clients, pitching them, getting them on the phone, and closing the deal with your proposal and contract to be available for 50% through next Monday, September 3, if you’re interested in learning more about how travel content marketing works, and if it’s really for you.

If that sounds like what you need right now, grab your webinar collection for 50% off here.

I also was so moved by the huge leaps and sense of forward motion this weekend, that I’m also looking for space in my schedule this fall to offer to offer the at-home version of our TravelContentCon event again.

You can find more details on how the at-home program works here in our blog post about last year’s At-Home TravelContentCon program here, but I’ve also got some ideas about changing the program to run over seven or eight weeks (unless a short intensive format is really best for people’s schedules) so please understand that’s just a guideline.

The crux of the program, besides any educational content, is that you will be matched with a very small group of other writers that are available on a similar schedule as a cohort to work through the content together and support and inspire each other. I’m also looking at including more calls than last year both with me and your cohort, with me separately, and also workshopping ideas with the peers in your cohort.

I’m trying to see how this could work around some travel that I have coming up this fall, but if it sounds like something you’d get a lot out of, just email us with something like “That sounds interesting!” or “TravelContentCon could be just what I need right now,” or some other expression of tentative interest so I can get a sense of if we can get a group together this fall and how many groups I might be looking at scheduling.

I look forward to the opportunity to help more of you toward a huge “aha” moment around the abundance of work out there!

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