I just want to take a quick second to acknowledge that this post is definitely not for everyone on who follows us.

We have people coming to us in many, many different stages of their freelance travel writing careers, from the very early pre-planning/looking for options point to people have been been in the game for dozens of years and regularly publish with top outlets or other places they have long-standing relationships with.

What I am writing to you about today is for people at the latter end of that spectrum, folks who are full-time freelance, even if all of their writing income doesn’t come from travel-related writing.

Beginning last year, we started a tradition of offering a summer travel- and co-working week to members of our coaching program that caps off with a very serious business-planning summit. Many of our events are laser-focused around business-, marketing-, and other work issues very narrowly specific to travel writers, but this upcoming event has a very different tack–it is for people who are focused on earning a serious, stable, sustaining, and sustainable income from the businesses they have built for themselves, whatever type of writing work that may include.

If that is not you, I think you so much for following along so far and promise to be back in your inbox with news you can use for right where you are very soon!

If you are, however, either full-time freelance or on the cusp of being so, or perhaps have control of your own time but don’t currently spend all of it on travel writing, I just want to let you know about something we’re doing that I’m very excited about, because I’ve seen the results and seismic shifts it has brought about for those who joined us last year.

The only other thing is that, because the event is the cap of our Coaching Program Summer Camp, we always hold spots for members of our coaching program until we have a final headcount, and as that has taken a while to nail down completely this year, you may already have plans for the weekend this event will take place, Friday, August 23, to Sunday, August 25.

If that is the case, again, I thank you for reading this far, and if you are curious about learning more about the program in case you can join us another time, please feel free to read on to see the schedule from last year and hear more about what to expect.

Beyond business content, I would be totally remiss if I did not mention the setting and season, which are intrinsic parts of this restorative and energizing experience focusing on your business.

Weather-willing, we take sessions from this workshop in a variety of outdoor locations in the Catskills from lakes to ridge tops, often taking our farm-fresh (as in, traveled 20 feet from where it was grown to your mouth) food with us. August is prime time for fresh tomatoes, which I pick minutes before they mingle with the herbs, lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, onions, and other vegetables and fruits we grow on-site to make sure you have the brain food to give your business planning everything it deserves.

The program for this workshop, our Advanced Freelance Travel Writing Mastermind, is based entirely on serious, hardcore, big-business/MBA-type trainings I have done as part of receiving my business coaching certification.

It is the type of content companies pay coaches $60,000+ for one weekend to put on. I know, because I speak regularly with other coaches that I trained with about their businesses (and they all yell at me that I don’t charge remotely enough) and help them negotiate these rates with their clients.

You can take a peek at last year’s schedule here, and if you have caught any of our year-end review content or our Six-Figure Travel Writer traveling workshop in the past, I can tell you the content is similar, but on steroids, and I guarantee you will leave with more than one massive insight that changes how you approach your business in the year ahead.

Part of this experience is deep discussions in a small intimate group about where your business is at and what to do going forward, so please consider that that involvement and connection-building is a crucial part of the event if you are considering it.

We have some very hard-working members of our coaching program already lined up to attend, who have made game-changing leaps already in advance of this year’s event and bring some very interesting client loads to the table, and I know we will have fascinating discussions all around so that everyone is learning not only from the exercises, but also what others are sharing about what they’re facing in their businesses and the situations they face that you may never have considered.

If you’re considering joining us, you can grab your spot here for $399 for the three-day experience with full room and board included and the option to keep your room and stay on at your leisure for no additional charge for the following week.

Please let us know if you have any questions we can answer to help you make the best decision for where you’re at right now, and I can’t wait to see some of you there and give your business an enormous jolt of electricity before the end of the year begins to barrel down on us!


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