We spend a lot of time with magazines.

Every week, we’re doing in-depth reviews of magazines to spot changes to be made in our Travel Magazine Database, deep diving on magazine sections open to freelances to create target pitch lists with members of our IdeaFest program, and talking through specific pitches and how they fit magazines or have been received by editors with folks on coaching calls.

When I’m in my own apartment home from a trip, I’m awash in magazines we’ve ordered for review for up-to-date-ness for the database or that I keep subscriptions of to stay on top of trends.

And when I’m at the retreat house teaching, there are literally thousands of magazines in our on-site magazine library. People bury themselves in stacks of ones they want to get to know.

But while we live and breathe magazines, you have got a lot of other work on your plate! I know it’s not easy to take time out of your workload of the work that pays the bills to get to know the magazines you might prefer were the writing work paying your bills.

We’ve got you.

Beginning on Thursday, November 6th, we’re launching an exciting new perk for our email subscribers: weekly magazine news in your inbox.

No need to log into Facebook and troll the Binders. No need to put on grown-up clothes to head to the library or a bookstore. No additional email subscriptions to websites for people in the magazine industry with lots of information that doesn’t apply to you.

Each week, we’ll feature:

  • a complete list of all of the editorial changes we’ve spotted in the 500+ magazines we cover (check out a sample below)
  • five magazines looking for a specific type of article from freelancers that you can pitch right now, from front-of-book trend pieces to destination features to itinerary departments to city guides
  • one full breakdown of a hot magazine section looking for easy-to-pitch pieces to take a closer look at this week
  • #PitchingProTips to help you make the most of your pitching time this week
  • special offers exclusive for subscribers! (we really love giving gifts)

Here’s a sample of some of the editorial changes we’ve seen lately–there’s 20 on the full list, and that’s a pretty normal week:

  • Architectural Digest: new deputy editor, features editor, and associate editor
  • Backcountry: now bimonthly; managing editor is now associate editor, new deputy editor
  • Cigar Aficionado: senior editor is now managing editor
  • Dwell: new senior editor added
  • Men’s Journal: no more managing editor, but added two senior digital editors and a deputy digital editor
  • EasyJet Traveller: new associate editor and digital editor


Why Thursdays?

We’ve found that:

  • A lot of writers seem to use Friday as their “admin” day. We get it. If you’ve got a full plate of writing, you’re running pretty low on creative energy by the end of the week. People use this day not only to do accounts and invoices but also for their marketing work if their other days are fully booked with existing clients.
  • Writers who are spending more of their time on marketing than paid work at this moment love to have pitching plans. And there’s nothing better than diving into Monday morning knowing exactly what is lined up for you to pitch. We’ll make sure that whatever time zone you’re in, you’ve got the goods to plan your upcoming week when end-of-day Fridays role around.
  • It’s awesome to have some newness in your life on Fridays that does not come from checking on the latest with Brexit or the impeachment proceedings but instead gets you excited about new possibilities for your work.
  • Some people take summer Fridays all year, and we’re totally here for you if you’re at that stage of best-life living right now.

Ready to get magazine news in your inbox once a week to pep up your pitches?

Grab 11 free magazine breakdowns from our Travel Magazine Database to get started and we’ll see you on Thursday:

Want to break into magazines faster?

Grab 11 free magazine breakdowns from our Travel Magazine Database.

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