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How Can You Tell Which Editor to Pitch at a Travel Magazine?

When I talk to freelance travel writers about their biggest issues in pitching a lot of people talk about the difficulty in finding the right editor to pitch.

Writers fear that if they send a stellar pitch to the wrong editor it will get deleted, simply because of irrelevance, before they even get their chance to shine and sell their idea and their writing abilities.

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Never Say “I Just Couldn’t Get Anyone to Publish My Story” Again

It breaks my heart when I see writers go on a trip, come home, spend months waiting to hear about one story idea pitched to one magazine (and waiting for far too long to follow up with that editor) and then say with a sigh:

“I went on this great trip, saw this festival that only happens once every seven years, and got great photos. I know it’s a great story, but I just can’t get anyone to publish it.

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Are You Missing Out on 80% of the Travel Magazines Out There?

It truly boggles my mind when travel writers (or aspiring travel writers) tell me that they aren’t pitching magazines because they don’t know who/where/what to pitch for three big reasons:

(1) The money they are missing out on could be a huge game changer for their freelance income.
(2) If you know how to analyze a magazine, the ideas come on their own. (And if you can’t get a hold of the magazine, we can help you with that too.)
(3) There are thousands of magazines out there looking for travel articles.

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How to Directly Email Top Magazine Editors

When I was first starting to gain my ground as a travel writer, I went to the local travel show—something I’d previously only gone to as a consumer—during the trade day.

There were lots of talks, and frankly, perhaps because I wandered into ones meant for travel agents, who were the bulk of the audience, I didn’t really get much of them.

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