We’ve talked before about how zeroing in on what interests you most as a travel writer can help you power up your travel writing career quickly, and the fact that most successful travel writers have several of these different major and micro niches.

But where are all these special interest publications looking for travel articles hiding?

When you’re new and need to line up regular work, these publications can be an idea jumping off point, because once you show the editor you understand his or her topic area and you are reliable, you’ll get a steady stream of assignments coming your way.

In our Travel Magazine Database, we have detailed breakdowns of hundreds of magazines looking for travel articles that show which sections of the magazines are open to freelancers and how to get in touch with the editors, and we feature many looking for exactly this type of content.

Here are 27 niche magazines with travel sections to inspire your next pitching spree:

  1. Put a Egg on It (food trends)
  2. Abroad View (study abroad)
  3. Remedy Quarterly (narrative food stories)
  4. Adventure Kayak Magazine
  5. Holidays for Couples
  6. British Airways’ Business Life (business travel)
  7. Upscale Living (luxury travel)
  8. Cruise Passenger
  9. White Zinfandel (the intersection of food and culture)
  10. Gather Journal (food and entertaining)
  11. Adventure Travel
  12. Freestyle Cruiser (cruising)
  13. German Life (German-American culture)
  14. Life & Thyme (culinary storytelling)
  15. Destination i do (destination weddings)
  16. Asia Spa (spa travel)
  17. The Affluent Traveler (luxury travel)
  18. Preservation (historic buildings)
  19. Sierra (nature and the environment)
  20. Cunard Passages (cruising)
  21. Trail Runner (active travel)
  22. Wine Spectator
  23. AFAR (experiential travel)
  24. Business Traveller
  25. Action Asia (adventure travel)
  26. Forbes Life (luxury travel)
  27. Porthole Cruise (cruising)

Best of luck pitching!

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Have you seen the Travel Magazine Database? We've got detailed breakdowns of hundreds of magazines looking for freelance travel articles, including direct email addresses.

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