WITS Special Offers

For WITS attendees we also have four special offers that you can only get here on-site during the conference:

  • 20-part travel writing jumpstart kit that we’ve put exclusively for WITS–We will even ship it all home for you…including any other conference swag you’ve picked up!
  • $150 off our summer retreats with exclusive early-bird pricing ($399 total for programming, activities, accommodation, and food)
  • Take 25% for life off our Dream Buffet, which includes the 600+ magazine breakdowns in our Travel Magazine Database, 400+ travel writing Q&As in our On-Demand Coaching Concierge, 200+ hours of webinars, live access to our new webinars and member-exclusive AMA and Industry Update calls, and hundreds of industry research reports that normally cost $600 each, when you join during WITS
  • Take 50% off our 9-week At-Home IdeaFest and Pitchapalooza Programs to revolutionize how you pitch magazines and finally get results on your pitches and land those coveted assignments!

1. WITS-Exclusive Travel Writing Jumpstart Kit

Grab a custom, 20-part travel writing jumpstart kit that we’ve put exclusively for WITS, including:

  • Your choice of beautiful, hard-to-find, long-form indie magazine brimming with the kinds of stories you always wanted to tell but didn’t know magazines would publish. Pick your favorite from the selection at our table to include in your jumpstart kit.
  • An advance copy of our new book 101 Magazines Looking to Publish Your Travel Articles—And Everything You Need to Know to Pitch Them
  • An advance copy of our new book 101 Things You Need to Know to Make it as a Travel Writer
  • A print copy of The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map (and a digital copy for reference when you’re on the road) to get you started now. (Already have a copy? Give us a friend’s address, and we’ll ship it to them as a gift on your behalf!)
  • Our proprietary pitching workbook for brainstorming, organizing, repurposing, and refining ideas (also in print form for easy fill-in plus digital copies so you have them whenever you need them)
  • Our signature “Your dreams don’t make themselves” tote bag to carry all your gear when you’re on the road–it’s the perfect size for a laptop, notebook, water bottle, wallet, and your photography gear
  • A digital copy of our 180-page Ultimate Guide to Pitching (and Landing) Travel Magazine Articles
  • A digital copy of 47 Quick Ways to Jumpstart Your Travel Writing Business, Get More Clients, and Soar Ahead of the Competition in Seven Minutes a Day
  • A digital copy of Everything You Need to Know to Start Traveling for Free (With Points and Miles)
  • Our proprietary hourly rate and client replacement planning worksheets.

In your email of digital resources, you’ll also receive 10 one-hour, steamable video classes on:

  • The Secrets of Six-Figure Travel Writers
  • Triple Your Travel Writing Income Writing for Magazines
  • How to Earn Big with Travel Content Marketing
  • How to Break Your Trips Into the Maximum Number of Article Ideas
  • How to Generate Sure-Fire Saleable Article Ideas
  • How to Hone Your Travel Article Ideas to Perfectly Fit Each Magazine
  • How to Craft the Perfect Travel Article Pitch
  • Don’t Create “Ideas” Out of Nowhere: How to Always Find Them When You Need Them
  • Answers to Your Most Common Pitch Questions
  • Setting Up Sponsored Trips 101

Want one? Here’s how it works:

  • Purchase your jumpstart kit here for $79–and add a coaching call with Gabi for just $20 more!
  • Stop by our table across from registration to pick out your awesome-sauce magazine.
  • Let us know if you want to take your tote, worksheets, book, and magazine with you right now, or if we should ship it home to you.
  • Drop off any of the other things you’d like to ship home with us in one batch, and we’ll take care of you!

2. 25% Off Our Small-Group Intensive Retreats

Upcoming Retreats—Grab Them for 25% Off At WITS

$150 off our summer retreats with exclusive early-bird pricing ($399 total for programming, activities, accommodation, and food)

June 19-21 or July 10-12: My First “Press Trip” Retreats

The focus of this event is for you to experience tours like a full-time, travel writer would, but rather than learning just by watching your peers and trial and error, you will have a personal guide to the professional side of being on a press trip and using the material that you can ask all of your questions to on any topic along the way.

Sign up at the WITS rate here for June 19-21 and July 10-12. More information here.

August 23-25: Advanced Travel Writing Business Mastermind

We will dedicate this weekend to a deep planning and reflection process for your business, with a planning process to sketch out exactly which steps you will take when to get your business where you want it to be. This event is specifically for freelance writers who are currently freelancing full-time (even if it’s not 100% travel) or are actively freelancing part-time and planning to transition to full-time this year.

I am very excited to offer this new event bringing the full force of my executive business coaching certification to bear on how you plan your business like a bada$$ CEO. Think of this like the annual retreats you may have attended for other companies you’ve worked for before, but without all the boring, compromising, PC stakeholder discussions. This is where your mindset of how you operate your business will change forever. It’s everything you need from an MBA to run your freelance business.

Sign up at the WITS rate here. Check out last year’s schedule here for more info.

September 20-22: TravelContentCon
Last year’s TravelContentCon attendees killed it pumping out pitches after this event last August. If you’ve been telling yourself it’s time to double down on your recurring income, transition from one-off or non-contract blogging work to more stable relationships, figure out what travel content marketing looks like for you and how to get a piece of the pie, then this event—built entirely on action and start-to-finish travel content marketing planning for what will work best for you personally—is for you.

Sign up at the WITS rate here. More information here.

3. 25% for Life Off the Dream Buffet

Members have access to:

  • exclusive live access to our webinars and monthly ask-me-anything calls limited only to members of the Dream Buffet and coaching programs
  • downloadable and steamable videos for all of our past webinars (90 so far with new ones added every week!) after they air and the transcript of the call as soon as its ready–members of Dream Buffet and our coaching programs get access before the webinars are set up in our paid library
  • detailed breakdowns of exactly which sections are open to freelancers and how to pitch them in more than 500 magazines
  • more than 400 detailed answers to questions about every facet of freelance travel writing, from how to email editors to what to say to land a travel content marketing client (and we’ve got folks going through our past webinars and pulling new ones to add throughout this month!), in our On-Demand Coaching Concierge system
  • the ability to submit their own questions for inclusion in the database through a quick “request” right from any screen of the coaching concierge site if you can’t find what you need
  • hundreds of industry research reports that you would normally need to pay $600 each for to help you understand what is important ot brands, what to pitch them, what’s going on in travel media, and how to speak to them in their own terms.

The regular price for Dream Buffet access runs at $99 per month.

WITS attendees can use the code WITS19 to take 25% off for life on a subscription to our Dream Buffet.

The Travel Magazine Database runs $20 per month, access to individual webinars and their transcripts is $19 each, and the On-Demand Coaching Concierge site is only available otherwise through our Coaching Lite or Full Coaching Programs ($249 or $599 a month respectively).

If you paid full price just for the webinars that are already included and the Travel Magazine Database, you’re looking at an investment of $1950. That does even include access to the live calls or question-and-answer library.

Grab yours here before WITS ends!

4. 50% Off the 9-Week IdeaFest and Pitchapalooza Programs

The responses past attendees have received from editors are incredible. Here’s one of my favorites:

“Thank you for sending in this pitch – I would like to take you up on it! Sounds like you have everything fairly dialed in and know the department well (thank you for that!)”

And it was a very quick acceptance, too!

Based on our live IdeaFest retreat, our new four-week program IdeaFest is designed to provide a serious and lasting foundation to turn you into an idea machine, turning up dozens of article ideas every day.

For the home program, we’ve spread the same material we cover in our live event out over four weeks with one email lesson each day (rather than me talking for an hour and a half for each!):

  • Week 1: Getting crystal clear on the three sides of the idea triangle–the conceptualizing approach that will ensure you never have an idea that an editor doesn’t think fits her magazine again.
  • Week 2: The magazine-first approach to pitching in practice–learning how to let magazines give you dozens of ideas of what to pitch them, and getting comfortable enough with the magazine landscape that you never have to wonder what kind of magazine would be interested in a certain story again.
  • Week 3: Final checks and the spin cycle–the methods to not only ensure your ideas don’t bong with the magazines your pitching, but the see how those “outside the scope” concepts actually become dozens of new pitch ideas for other magazines.
  • Week 4: Pitching specialized articles–digging into the dreaded (or highly anticipated!) feature, essay, and long-form markets and learning to formulate ideas that cover thousands of words as well as thousands of miles or years while expressing everything in the succinct format of an idea that can be proven to sell.

You can read more specifically about the new IdeaFest program here, including why this program is the foundation you’ve been missing, how the program progresses, and how the program works if you aren’t able to attend to the lessons right away as they’re assigned.

The crazy thing about today’s special offer, however, is that we are not only giving you first crack at the revamped program and a deep discount–we’re also throwing in the At-Home Pitchapalooza Program to give you two programs for the price of one, giving you everything you need to make sure that 2019 is the year you hit your magazine-writing goals.

In its five weeks, the At-Home Pitchapalooza Program will walk you through:

  • breaking down your past trips and future trips into pitches tailored for specific publications
  • learning how specifically to pitch short magazine sections (100-300 words), recurring columns, and features
  • troubleshooting all the common pitch issues and work through all the snags you are each hitting individually
  • spending time not only writing pitches, but reworking them to make sure they hit the mark
  • breaking down common editor responses, how to handle them, and how to negotiate for higher rates when you do get the assignment

As part of this special, nine-week offer, you’ll receive:

  • 45 lessons (daily on weekdays for the 9 weeks of the two back-to-back programs)
  • access to the Travel Magazine Database for the duration of the program
  • private forum to discuss and critique assignments, article ideas, and pitches–available not just during the course, but going forward for you to use again and again, even to redo the program material during future rounds of the At-Home IdeaFest and Pitchapalooza Programs
  • support from our customer service manager and teaching assistant on each of your homework assignments

Grab a spot in both programs for just $279–50%% off the regular price of purchasing both programs separately.

The programs begin Monday, May 13th. We’ll see you there!

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