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Are You Missing Out on 80% of the Travel Magazines Out There?

It truly boggles my mind when travel writers (or aspiring travel writers) tell me that they aren’t pitching magazines because they don’t know who/where/what to pitch for three big reasons:

(1) The money they are missing out on could be a huge game changer for their freelance income.
(2) If you know how to analyze a magazine, the ideas come on their own. (And if you can’t get a hold of the magazine, we can help you with that too.)
(3) There are thousands of magazines out there looking for travel articles.

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How to Get Yourself an Ongoing Travel Writing Gig This Week

Before we launch into how, exactly, to set yourself up with a steady stream of travel writing work, I want to look at some reasons why having a recurring travel writing job is so, so important. Especially for people who are either:

  • just starting out as travel writers
  • struggling to have a sustainable travel writing income even after many months or years at it (and with a healthy pile of clips to their names)

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