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“Should I write my travel articles while in the destination?”

I know a lot of people who will go to a place, get their articles done basically while they’re there, come home, file them, and then they’re off to the next place and the next story. The problem is, you can get into this feast or famine cycle of going from trip to trip and feel like if you don’t have another trip lined up, you don’t have anything to write about.

When you immerse yourself in a place and then wash your hands of it, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities to pitch that same destination to other magazines that you didn’t think about right away. Maybe you didn’t have access to them when you were on the road or you didn’t know about at them the time. If you give yourself a little bit of time at home to dig up additional story angles and story placements, you could really get a lot more juice and a lot more income out of that one trip.

But also, I feel like when you write your stories on the ground, you’re sacrificing some of the best stories that can come out of that trip. It’s important to give yourself some time between your trip and when you when write about it so you can see which moments and places and people stand out and stick in your mind the most.

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