Before there was Dream of Travel Writing or even The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map, there were questions.

I’ll never forget the time I was sitting in a room at the World Travel Market in London after one of the panels had finished up catching up on email, and a British gentleman came up and started chatting with my about what I did.

It was quite a few years ago, long before I ever even considered writing about freelancing, let alone coaching freelance business owners.

We were talking about what I did, and the conversation took a turn that it frequently did back then: a bit of puzzlement when I said that, yes, I was a blogger, but, no, I could not tell him what my blog was. I was a freelance blogger.

So I told him my mantra back then: “If I’m not getting paid, why would I write something?”

This mantra served me very, very well in terms of growing my own business, but at the time, being a freelance blogger, or even blogging for companies at all (to say nothing of having a system for reliably setting up that type of work that anyone could easily copy) was very new, even to people deep in the industry.

This gentleman was, in fact, very deep in the industry. He ran Europe’s pre-eminent travel blogging conference.

So, when I said I was a freelance travel blogger, rather than shrug, and say, “oh, okay…” as most people did, he started asking some very specific questions.

What kind of gigs did I do? How much did I get paid? How did I get the clients?

He was asking with a mind to having me do a workshop at one of his events, but I found over the next several years that I started getting those same questions over, and over, and over again.

So much so that one year at TBEX a cadre of established bloggers cornered me and told me they wanted me to coach them on how they too could make the same kind of money with their travel writing.

That’s why the questions changed dramatically. Rather than “how do you….?”, they came in droves of “how do I….?”

We receive lovely emails each week from people explaining to us how their lives brought them to travel writing, the difficulties they’ve encountered so far, and how they’ve already found answers to some of their biggest questions on our site or in one of our webinars.

They then, frequently, provide a bullet-pointed or numbered list of the other questions they have.

Here’s the issue with that: If I spent all day answering email questions, I could help a handful of people each day with their specific situations. I always wouldn’t be earning a sustainable income, which would mean that I would need to do some other type work, so the amount of people I could help with individual emails would be reduced, AND I wouldn’t have time to create resources that help hundreds or thousands of people.

That’s why, with anything that we do that is available free-of-charge, we prioritize helping the most people possible, like our completely free one-hour-long webinars each day or content here on the blog or in our complete free weekly newsletter rounding up all of the travel-writing jobs available that week.

But I know so many of you still have specific questions!

And we don’t want to leave you in the lurch, so we’ve invested in a new technology and hundreds of hours of time into creating an amazing new resource: the On-Demand Coaching Concierge.

This resource is aimed to:

  • help you quickly, on your schedule, right when you need it, get a very complete answer to all of your travel writing questions
  • provide highly specific information about all sorts of real situations that come up in the life of the freelance travel writer (many of our questions have come directly from the freelancers we work with in our coaching programs or on our webinars!)
  • answer literally any question you can come up with! If it’s not already in there, there’s a feature to let us know what you question is so we can get it addd ASAP.

How does it work?

Questions are divided into four categories that you can absolutely browse either to look for a specific question or to build up your knowledge of how a freelance travel writing business works:

















But, even better, the question-and-answer library has a very powerful search function so that you can type in your question in your own words and it will match you to the most likely answeres to persue.

Want to grab access to our 300+ question-and-answer site, the On-Demand Coaching Concierge?

The only way to get it is with our all-access pass: The Dream Buffet.



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