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To Niche or Not to Niche: What’s the Best Way to Freelance Travel Writing Success?

A lot of the prevailing advice to the soon-to-be-self-employed is to pick a niche and brand yourself heavily in that area. Proponents say,

“Who’s going to hire a freelance travel writer with no experience besides her own personal travels? You have to do something and be known for something so incredibly specific that when people really need exactly that skill, they come to you.”

But what new freelance travel writers respond with, very validly, is:

“Okay, but who is going to hire me for that incredible specific thing right now? I need enough clients to earn an income now, not just later when I become famous for my super specific niche.”

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How 10 Travel Writers Parlay Micro Niches into Major Assignments

Earlier this week, we talked about:

  • how having other interests besides travel can give you a leg up breaking into travel writing
  • why it’s important to write about those interests in a travel-related context, not just for magazines in those fields
  • how easy it is to look at your own life and see what interests you can already mine

Today, I want to widen your view of what these travel research interests can be. We are looking at 10 real, working travel writers who aren’t the Tim Cahills or the folks who have necessarily written books on how to be a travel writer. They are just regular people who work with their stable of editors, pay their mortgages, and make a solid living travel writing.

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