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How to Analyze a Magazine to Ensure Successful Pitches

One of the first things I teach aspiring print travel writers (especially the ones come over from blogging or copywriting) is how to break down a magazine.

You need to take it from a pile of glossy paper that you put on a pedestal or can’t imagine seeing your own humble words in to a framework of component parts that is built from the ground up every month.

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How 10 Travel Writers Parlay Micro Niches into Major Assignments

Earlier this week, we talked about:

  • how having other interests besides travel can give you a leg up breaking into travel writing
  • why it’s important to write about those interests in a travel-related context, not just for magazines in those fields
  • how easy it is to look at your own life and see what interests you can already mine

Today, I want to widen your view of what these travel research interests can be. We are looking at 10 real, working travel writers who aren’t the Tim Cahills or the folks who have necessarily written books on how to be a travel writer. They are just regular people who work with their stable of editors, pay their mortgages, and make a solid living travel writing.

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A Simple, Crazy Successful Way to Start Making $2k (Minimum) This Month as a Travel Writer

One aspect of the typical travel writer’s life is that not every bit of work is a web or magazine article (or something related to one).

I could give you dozens of examples of “every day” working travel writers’ additional income streams (the sample breakdowns of six-figure travel writing incomes are a good place to start), but let’s look at some huge folks who are basically the “giants” of travel writing:

  • Don George
  • Tim Leffel
  • Jeff Greenwald

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