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“I’ve found something interesting but it’s not new, how can I pitch this as a travel article to magazines?”

You can often find one thing on your trip which in itself is interesting but would be hard to pitch because it has been around for a while.

This is where the round-up comes in. When you find something really cool and interesting but it’s not new enough to do a whole article on, you can look for other things similar to it and form a round-up.

You can use that initial location as the cornerstone when looking up other things that are like it and write a round-up about it. These are much easier to sell than just profiling one individual business.

For instance, I went to the famous treehouse hotel in Sweden on a fam trip. Architecturally it was very cool and when it came out it received tons of press about it, but it is not new enough to do a write up on that alone.

So, how can you tackle something like that?

In this case, you can do a round-up on treehouse hotels around the world, a round-up on high design hotels around the world, or architecturally significant boutique and luxurious hotels in very hard to reach places.

Another rule that sort of goes around in journalism is the concept of three is a trend. If you’re exploring a city and you see something interesting, look for two more similar things that could point towards a trend.

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