In the two years since we began running regular one-hour travel writing classes, we’ve covered more than 80 topics, including:

  • how to land free trips
  • how to get paid really, really well for your writing
  • how to get on magazine editors’ good sides
  • how to navigate every step of the process to land travel content marketing work, including phone calls and proposals
  • how to keep your hourly rate down so your bank account goes up
  • how to get work done on the road
  • how to write, step-by-step, 15 different types of travel articles
  • how to land guidebook and other traditional publishing deals

You can grab access to all of our past webinars (and a ton of other resources you can’t find anywhere else) with a subscription to our Dream Buffet or grab them one-by-one when you need them in our On-Demand Webinar Library for a set with the video, audio, transcript, and slides.

But we also air a free replay of one of our travel writing classes each and every weekday.

Each weekday at 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm GMT / 11pm CET (and 9am AEDT Tues-Sat), we show one webinar from our archives, rotating though all of them over the course of four months.

Here’s what we’ve got for you this week:

Monday, June 10, 5pm EST: Live Idea-to-Pitch Walkthrough #5: Creating the Bones of the Pitch

We’ve made it through so many stages of the pitch writing process than many folks lump into writing that are actually distinctly separate prep activities: pulling ideas from you trip, matching them to magazines, refining the best fits, and choosing the low-hanging fruit with the best chance of success and the easiest path to putting the pitch together. Now the real writing begins!

But staring at a blank page is a way to shock any creative mind into panic, so we begin instead by putting together the easier building blocks of the pitch in an almost placeholder-like style with minimal stress and research just to get our quick thoughts on the page.

Learning this trick to getting the basis of a pitch out quickly alone, can easily save you an hour per pitch.

Register to attend this webinar at 5pm EST on Monday, June 10.

Tuesday, June 11, 5pm EST: Live Idea-to-Pitch Walkthrough #6: Filling in the Blanks & Hitting Send

Even though it seems like we’re at the end of the line, this is actually the hardest part of the pitching process and where I see many of you getting completely stuck.

It’s too easy to be fully flush with the facts and fit of an idea, step away from it for a bit, then come back and have doubts because you’re not up-to-date on all of the details of the situation, and then decide that you really shouldn’t send the pitch after all.

In this webinar, we walk through live examples so you can see when enough is enough, when to cut and run, and how, exactly, to get pitches out of your inbox and into the playing field quickly and with minimal fuss.

Register to attend this webinar at 5pm EST on Tuesday, June 11.

Wednesday, June 12, 5pm EST: Fundamentals of Free Travel for Freelancers with Points and Miles

There has been a lot of talk in travel news in recent years about airlines cutting costs and taking away even the most basic amenities–including the value in their frequent flyer programs. But it’s actually become easier than ever to fly for free, thanks to another player in the points and miles market (credit card companies like Chase).

Register to attend this webinar at 5pm EST on Wednesday, June 12.

Thursday, June 13, 5pm EST: Creating Your Own Free Travel Plan with Points and Miles

Let us help you work out exactly what works for you in terms of free travel! Write in with where you’re based, where you travel to regularly, and what travel credit cards or points you’re already using, and we’ll make a plan to get you where you want to go.

Before workshopping those joining us live and write-in participants, we’ll walk through a step-by-step plan to ensuring that your travel and spending actually result in free flights rather than points that never seem to do anything for you.

Register to attend this webinar at 5pm EST on Thursday, June 12.

Friday, June 14, 5pm EST: What to Expect on Press Trips

Summer is prime travel time for leisure travelers, but increasingly press trips, travel industry conferences, and individual sponsored excursions are taking place during these peak travel months, so we’re going to spend the next four weeks looking at the pre-, during, and post- aspects of press trips so you can get the most of any sponsored travel you have coming up this summer or are planning down the line.

Register to attend this webinar at 5pm EST on Friday, June 14.

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