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Established Travel Writers Share Their 11 Favorite Pieces of Travel Writing Advice

We’ve started hosting focus groups around the globe to tap into the pitching, writing, and organizational processes of established writers so we can share them with you in a series of white papers.

To get the ball rolling, I wanted to share words of wisdom on travel writing success from the writers who joined us in New York City for our first focus group this fall.

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Can You Break into Travel Writing Faster Through Other Interests?

When I first started learning about how one goes about actually making a career as a travel writer, ten years ago, I quickly noticed something that both surprised and disheartened me:

All of the people who called themselves “travel writers” actually wrote about other things. In fact, many write about other things most of the time.

There was the woman who taught my 8-week Mediabistro bootcamp on how to be a travel writer. She primarily wrote about technology. You could actually call her more of an aspiring travel writer, honestly.

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Don’t Have Travel Writing Work? Why Not?

A freelance business writer and writing coach that I have great respect for, Carol Tice, was appalled when she first started coaching freelance writers by one conversation that she kept having over and over again.

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