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A Simple, Crazy Successful Way to Start Making $2k (Minimum) This Month as a Travel Writer

One aspect of the typical travel writer’s life is that not every bit of work is a web or magazine article (or something related to one).

I could give you dozens of examples of “every day” working travel writers’ additional income streams (the sample breakdowns of six-figure travel writing incomes are a good place to start), but let’s look at some huge folks who are basically the “giants” of travel writing:

  • Don George
  • Tim Leffel
  • Jeff Greenwald

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Don’t Have Travel Writing Work? Why Not?

A freelance business writer and writing coach that I have great respect for, Carol Tice, was appalled when she first started coaching freelance writers by one conversation that she kept having over and over again.

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How to Write a Travel Article Pitch that Sells–In 15 Minutes

When it comes to pitching, I tend to read a lot more blogs, websites and books about other types of journalism—everything from business to health to international news.

I’m not saying that travel writers (those who have a lot of assignments) don’t know how to pitch, but it just seems that not a lot of folks talk about, specifically, how to write pitches in the way you need to to be a well-paid, busy writer:

  • clearly
  • quickly
  • without a lot of emotional investment

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