Once again, I want to thank everyone who contributed their thoughts on our upcoming event schedule and designing our new Travel Writers’ Detox + Reset event.

We’ve opened up early-bird pricing for all of our retreats in next week’s newsletter, with limited $150-off spots in each event open on a first-registered, first-served basis.

Early-bird pricing ($150 off!) is now open, for newsletter subscribers only for our fall and winter retreats. Use your exclusive links to grab your spot(s):

  • The Travel Writers’ Detox + Reset: Friday, October 4 – Sunday, October 6 (with optional pre- and post-event co-working & outings days on: Oct 3, 4, 7, and 8): Learn more here. Early-bird price of $549$249 here for the retreat days. (We will follow-up with you to confirm any pre- or post- co-working and tour days you’d like to add on.)
  • My First “Press Trip”: Wednesday, October 9 – Friday, October 11: Learn more here. Early-bird price of $549 $399.
  • IdeaFest: Friday, October 11 – Sunday, October 13: Learn more here. Early-bird price of $549 $399.
  • TravelContentCon: Friday, January 10 – Sunday, January 12: Learn more here. Early-bird price of $549 $399.
  • Pitchapalooza: Friday, January 17 – Sunday, January 19: Learn more here. Early-bird price of $649 $499. *Please note, IdeaFest is a pre-requisite for this event, and access to the online version of the At-Home IdeaFest Program is included with this event, and the IdeaFest program must be completed in-person or online before attending Pitchapalooza.
  • Freelance Travel Writing Bootcamp: Sunday, March 15 – Saturday, March 21: Learn more here. Early-bird price of $649 $499.

Got questions?
We put this primer together this time last year (please note: the post contains the 2018 retreat dates new dates are above) to help you figure out which event is for you if you’re stuck.

I’ve also set up the schedule for those of you who wish you could do more than one and don’t live nearby. You can take our Travel Writers’ Detox + Reset , My First “Press Trip,” and IdeaFest (or any combination thereof) back-to-back if you are so inspired!

In answer to the main question we get, all food and accomodation is included for the days of the retreat, beginning with dinner the first day listed and ending with lunch the last day listed.

With some events, you can arrive early or leave late and stay–without food included–at your leisure, but please write and ask us to confirm for the event you have your eye on if this is a linchpin in your attendance. We cannot help with travel bookings, but we recommend the Cranky Concierge (they’re very nice :), despite the name).

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