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Before our free live weekly webinars are added to our on-demand webinar library, where you get:

  • downloadable and streamable versions of the webinar video
  • downloadable and streamable versions of the webinar audio file alone
  • complete access to the webinar slides
  • any applicable worksheets
  • a 10+-page full transcript of the text of the entire call

…we need to have the webinars transcribed!

We’re currently looking to fill a backlog that has built up and have openings for two things:

  • people available immediately to get through our current backlog of webinars awaiting transcription (so it matters what’s on your plate for the next two weeks)
  • people to take on weekly transcription assignments going forward

How to Apply

Write us at with the following information:

  • “Transcription Application” in the subject line
  • anything that would keep you from turning around clean, ready-to-publish transcriptions on a weekly basis (or at the present time if you’re only interested in helping with the backlog); this means travel plans or other scheduled or likely to be scheduled items that make you not able to make a commitment to these deadlines on a recurring basis
  • if you have followed our webinars in the past and are familiar with our terminology
  • your words-per-minute typing speed (there are lots of tests readily available online to determine this)
  • your rate to transcribe one (typically one-hour) webinar (to save you some googling; a lot of services offer transcription at something around $1/transcription minute. We’re not looking to go with a standard shop as we want folks that are familiar with our terminology and to suuport our community by keeping this money supporting you guys!)
  • if you have bandwidth to complete several one-hour webinars in the next two weeks, let us know how many
  • anything else that we should know about why we should pick you!*

*Like anyone you’re pitching, remember that brevity and getting to the point makes your email easier for us to finish reading and consider.

Next Steps

We will move forward immediately with anyone we are interested in extending an assignment to.

If we are assigning you something from the backlog, we are looking for it to get done in the next two weeks. Working on something from the backlog is a pre-requisite to being considered in an on-going capacity. If you are not able to take on at least one webinar transcription in the next two weeks, please do not apply.

We’ll send you a proposed assignment and deadline once we decide to move forward with you; one you’ve agreed to the deadline, that is a commitment and we expect to receive the item you have agreed to complete, in publishable condition, by the deadline. If you have questions, be sure they are answered before the deadline so you do not blowit by submitting incomplete or unpublishable work.

Once you have agreed to your deadline, we will send the link to the webinar you have been assigned allow with format and style instructions.

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