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Due to some requests from our readers outside the New York area, we’re making this Saturday’s workshop on how to Master Magazine Pitching available to attend even if you aren’t able to join us in person.

We’ve tested the streaming in the event space and the speed is excellent, but we’ll have someone onsite specifically attending to those tuning in remotely to make sure that you can share in all the exercises and get your questions answered as if you were there in person.

Why is this workshop special?

In honor of the one-year anniversary of the launch of the Travel Magazine Database, we’ve put together an unprecedented study on what magazines are looking for from freelancers, the state of publishing today, and the evolution of the travel magazine.

I even just got the skinny on a whole new wave of magazines coming out from a newsstand specialist in London this morning, so you’ll get access to news on titles that aren’t even in the database yet (we typically wait until new magazines have been around for a certain number of regular issues before we add them in order to ensure you’re getting magazines that are actually putting out regular issues!).

If you’d like to join us from home, since you’ll miss out on the onsite goodies, we’re going to send all those who register to attend from home a special box with:

  • a copy of The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map (if you already have one, you can give this one to a friend for Christmas! It’s included with the workshop)
  • a new travel magazine in line with your travel writing interests
  • some other surprises!

If you’d like to attend from home, just register here and respond to the email with your receipt letting us know that you’ll be dialing in and we’ll get you the dial-in instructions and look out for you tomorrow so we can make sure you’ll all tuned in.

You’re welcome to join via video or just by audio, but we’ll unmute you whenever you have a question so you’re right there with us.

Look forward to catching some of you outside of New York for the workshop!

p.s. As the workshop is interactive, we do recommend you attend live, but if you would like to register just to get the recording, we will make that available as well. Just let us know when you register so we aren’t trying to find you online tomorrrow!

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