With our early bird registration, we offer a chance to get a huge discount (more than 25% off!) for being one of the first to snag a spot in one of our live retreats at our private retreat location in the Catskills.

We’re especially excited to open up this batch of retreats, because they’re one of the sweetest times to be in the Catskills—literally!

Summer retreats get to take the best advantage of our on-site farm, with salads festooned with edible flowers, more than a dozen different types of heirloom tomatoes, and special produce we grow from all around the world.

These are very small group events, with half a dozen people or fewer to ensure everyone gets one-on-one attention both in group sessions and in private sessions throughout the weekend.

And for this batch of events, some spots in each event have already been snapped up by members of our coaching program, who get first dibs on retreats.

The short version is: this might be your only chance to claim your spot in one of these special events.

Travel Writing Business Mastermind Retreat: Friday, June 22, to Saturday, June 24

**Please note: this event is available for members of our coaching program at an extremely discounted rate as part of our Freelance Travel Writing Summer Camp for coaching program members, so if you are already a member of the coaching program, please do not sign up for this event through this offer! We’ll send you a special rate. That also means that if you sign up for the coaching program prior the program beginning, we’ll refund the difference in your fee.**

This very special event will take a deep dive on how you run the business portion of your freelance travel life in a higher-level approach to our programs like IdeaFest and Pitchapalooza, which focus singularly on an individual part of the marketing process, or TravelContentCon, which firmly divides the freelance pie between editorial and content marketing writing.

Expanding on the work that we go through in our afternoon Freelance Travel Writing Master Class events (you can check out the schedule and content of one of those here), we will dedicate this weekend to a deep planning and reflection process for your business, similar to our year-end review followed by a pen-to-paper planning process to sketch out exactly which steps you will take when to get your business where you want it to be, from:

  • negotiating raises or additional work from on-going clients
  • systematically pitching both editorial and content marketing work to create long-term relationships with the most minimal marketing involvement
  • leveling up from “plateau” markets you’ve gotten stuck writing for in which your skills are increasing but there’s no way for the pay and opportunities to follow suit

This event is specifically for freelance travel writers who:

  • are currently freelancing full-time (even if it’s not 100% travel)
  • are actively freelancing part-time and planning to transition to full-time this year

Don’t worry how much you are or aren’t making—the important thing to apply the work from this event is that freelance is or will soon be your primary income source.


Build a Better Blog Business: Friday, August 17, to Sunday, August 19

There has been a lot of talk in recent years in various online programs and industry conferences about exactly how to make money with a travel blog.

By an large, people are fed up with advice that doesn’t work and blogs that don’t provide them any return.

If you are serious about turning your blog into an actual business—a.k.a. something that creates money for you every day, without your needing to keep the wheels running with income from freelance writing and other paid-on-receipt services, this event will show you how.

I’ve been writing about how to create a business only for going on four years now, and in my own time as a freelancer have worked for so many blog businesses over the year run by people who bought blogs, started and built up blogs on their own and then tried to turn it into a money-making venture, or started a blog in advance of launching their product to build momentum.

I also know so many small business owners with blog based businesses from my own small-business-owner circles that I constantly compare notes with at the top conferences for blog-based businesses every year (which uniformly cost upwards of $1,000 to attend—and that’s not including accommodation!)

I have seen a lot of successes, but also a lot of failures.

So, like our exercise-heavy TravelContentCon, we’re launching a new event that will distill all of the steps that you need to follow to get your blog acting like a business and making you money while you sleep.


TravelContentCon: Friday, August 24, to Sunday, August 26

Last year’s TravelContentCon attendees killed it pumping out pitches after this event last August. If you’ve been telling yourself it’s time to:

  • double down on your recurring income
  • transition from one-off or non-contract blogging work to more stable relationships
  • figure out what travel content marketing looks like for you and how to get a piece of the pie

…this event—built entirely on action and start-to-finish travel content marketing planning for what will work best for you personally—is for you.

Read more details here on the page for our January event. The August event will follow the same content plan and schedule as the winter weekend event.


Want to grab your spot?

Early-bird rates are only available for members of our weekly newsletter list, who also receive regular freebies and exclusive discounts on our other travel writing education offerings:



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