When traveling for work or leisure, I’ve often found one of the most beautiful and revelatory parts of new cultures centers around their religions. Italy’s transcendent cathedral architecture and Renaissance paintings. Bali’s towering stone temples and daily flower-filled offerings lining the streets. India’s multi-day, technicolor wedding festivities.

As my husband is Indian and a scientist and I am Irish Catholic but a child of two scientists, our family’s take on the holidays has always been a bit like our approach to our Indian wedding: a la carte.

We love to give people gifts, so each holiday season sees us putting a lot of time and care into handcrafting candies, chocolates, jams, and other gifts for our friends and families each year.

This year, as part of my deep gratitude to all of you who have chosen to allow us to help you reach your goals and read our newsletters, watch our webinars, attend our retreats, and sign up for coaching and the database, I wanted to extend that holiday tradition in your direction.

In many holiday traditions around the world, various days following Christmas are the real gift-giving days. In Italy, where much of my travel writing is focus, a witch rides in on a broomstick on January 6th bringing children’s gifts.

So we’ve created a little bit of a mash-up of traditions and put together a riff on the 12 Days of Christmas between December 26 and January 6 with tons of advance access to products we’re not launching until later next year and deep, deep discounts on many of our offerings.

Last year, we offered:

  • first access to download our special five-part year-end-review and new-year-planning webinars
  • $229 worth of webinars covering everything there is to know about pitching for $54
  • 9 weeks of daily-email programs to turn you into a pitching and idea-generating machines
  • $831 off one year of access to our Dream Buffet
  • a spot in our Week-long Freelance Travel Bootcamp coupled with a custom start-up package including:
    • 3 half-hour phone calls over the course of two months–beginning before the bootcamp to ensure you’re primed to make the most of the experience
    • 1 month unlimited questions by email (I just noticed that my own business coach charges nearly $200/month for one email a day!)
    • 1 month unlimited query critiques of pitches before you send them
    • 2 portfolio site reviews
    • 1 review of social media profiles

This year, we’ve already got some deals planned continuing the deep savings we offered last year and offering first cracks at brand-new content before we release it publicly.

As always, there will also be some things we offer in the holiday specials that we don’t offer any other time of year.

Each day, the offer of the day will be available starting at 12:00pm EST / 9:00am PST and stay open until 12:00am EST / 9:00pm PST or until the supply runs out. As many of the things we’ve set up for you are special offers on coaching calls, we can only offer a limited number to make sure we can fit them all in.

If you want to make sure you get first pick of the offers, you can get them in your inbox each day as soon as they open:

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