I had a coaching call today with someone that I met at a really preeminent writers’ conference who recently joined our Full Coaching Program, and had to take a moment.

As we wove through her vision for her future, goals, and past writing experiences over the course of the hour, I was touched by the depth of her intellect and ability to articulate the intangible.

And I just thought how incredibly lucky I felt to be sharingĀ our resources and vision for what the life of a travel writer can be with this kind of writers.

In the two years since this business began, I have been so honored that so many of you have shared your experiences with us to empower me to have the perspective of what travel writing life is like not just for myself, but for the multitudes of you out there who are succeeding in this career or on your way.

I was joking with someone the other day that I used to have this amazing schedule of writing a hours, exploring a city or area I was visiting, writing and doing email for another few hours, and then having the local specialties for dinner, and that I’m not sure why I gave it up to sit at a desk all day helping other people to have the dream schedule I used to have.

But every time I hear someone we’ve worked with had landed their first exciting assignment in a publication they never thought they’d even hear back from, it feels completely worth it. Or, when, I’m on a coaching call and, as happened this week, a writer forgets to tell me about a great clip they just landed because it’s just not a big deal anymore, my heart really leaps, because I’m watching transformational moments first hand.

Don’t get me wrong–I miss writing and hope to align my schedule to do more of it next year as I know many of you do as well, and I look forward to working through that with you.

But for now, not even because it is Thanksgiving tomorrow, but because of what I experienced today and that fact that, as we pass out two year anniversary and look forward to the future, it is truly on my mind, I want to thank you for joining us on this journey.

And, as I think is right and proper when you really appreciate someone, we’ve got some gifts for you to show it!

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But there is also another special offer we want to give you this Thanksgiving to show our thanks for allowing us to help you on your travel writing journey!

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