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What People Are Saying

Your sessions on interviewing clients was SO helpful! I just wanted to thank you again for these very helpful webinars. I always get key information that I need! For example, what to include (and not to include) in a pitch. I’ve been making some of those mistakes! And today’s webinar on interviews, and the attitude to have going in (I’m doing them a favor by writing about them!)

These nuggets are so great, and I just want you to know I appreciate your sharing them with all of us.

I felt so much more confident going into the interview, and I had guidelines, thanks to you, about what to be asking and looking for. For example,

1) I didn’t ask questions that I could get answered elsewhere;
2) I didn’t ask yes/no questions – I had prepared just a few open-ended questions that really opened up the conversation
3) Finally, I was looking for that one good quote, as you strongly suggested, and I got it.

I can’t thank you enough for helping me gain these skills as a travel writer!


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