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“I want to tell an editor I have more than one idea for their travel magazine in my pitch, how should I do that?”

Usually I advise to send one fully fleshed-out pitch and save your other ideas for when you get a response from an editor or when you’re following up after no response.  

The only way that I would ever advise including extra ideas is: you’ve written your whole pitch, fleshing out one idea, and then at the end you can say,

“I also have features available around blah, blah, and blah (and name three other interesting things/trips that you’ve done recently) available to sell. Let me know if you would like full pitches on any of those.”

This can work if the editor can’t use the idea that you’re pitching them, and they’re not quite sure about responding to you or what they want to say, because then they can say “yeah, I like that idea about blah, tell me more about that.”  

But I really advise using this with caution, because the whole idea of sending only one idea in a pitch is to show the editor that you are confident that this is a good idea, so I don’t like to do this, because it can weaken your point.

But, if you want to pitch multiple ideas, and you’re a really solid pitcher, then you can certainly look at including that line at the end.

If you’re a little new, if you’re on slightly shakier ground, then I would stick to sending one idea per email.

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