People who aren’t happy with the types or quantity of the paid travel articles they’re writing tend to come in two flavors:

  • they’re established writers, even established magazine writers, that always work with the same editors and have lost the confidence to pitch new-to-them markets
  • they pitch so infrequently (and spend the rest of their writing time writing assigned work for content shops OR for themselves on their own blog or a novel project) that sending five pitches in one month is a serious event

On a very basic level, you could say that a regular, concerted pitching effort could bring about serious changes for people in these situations.

And pitching is actually very easy. It just involves writing 150 to 250 words. That only takes ten minutes! So these folks are all set, right?

Pitch more. Done. Problem solved.

But, while pitches should be short, formulaic, and easy to write, there are significant psychological hurdles to overcome before reaching that sunny meadow full of idea wildflowers where pitches just come to you fully formed like Athena sprouting out of Zeus’ thigh.

These obstacles are clearly defined, if you’re ready to confront and get over them:

But, here’s the thing.

Even if you’ve skilled up in these ways, it’s still very possible to find yourself in a situation where you just aren’t getting pitches out.

Not because you don’t have ideas–tons of ideas all the time!–but because you don’t have a system in place for connecting those ideas to magazines and pitches, and ensuring that each idea does become an article and each and every editor you email becomes a paying market for you.

We have **a lot** of content, from webinars to full, month-long programs to live events, to help with the obstacles we described above, so in today’s free live webinar, we’re going to focus on the business systems that allow you to use those skills and thousands of ideas jumping out to you to create your own personal system for guaranteed pitch placement.

Join us for the final chapter in our series on operating the business side of your freelance travel writing business today, Thursday, March 22, at 3:30pm EST / 12:30pm PST. In Taking Control of Your Ideas, Pitches, and Follow-ups, as we explore how to capture ideas the second you have them, store them for later, and how to adapt best practices to what works for you.

Register here to get the call-in information to join us live along with the link to catch the replay for same-day viewing the rest of the day following the live webinar.

Please note: we will not be discussing what is an idea, how to match an idea to a magazine, or how to write pitches on this webinar as we have lots of other content on that that we have linked to through this test. Please do not bring questions on these topics to the webinar, as we will have to ignore them in the interests of time to cover the topic at hand.



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