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“How can I get more work done while traveling?”

If you’re used to sitting at your desk in your home office or opening your laptop in your favorite coffee shop, it can be hard to transition into working on the road. Especially when you’re on the go all the time and often have little control over your schedule and environment.

One of my favorite things to do to make sure I’m getting work done on the road is to work on my phone. I really recommend getting used to it when you’re at home and doing tasks on your phone that you might not think you can do. A lot of us get very attached to doing certain things on our laptops but when we’re traveling, there’s a lot of work that we can get done on our phone especially during little moments here and there.

On the bus, in queues, or over meals in restaurants, you can make the most of any snippets of downtime. Even while you’re out soaking up the atmosphere of a place, you can also be getting some work done.

Other things to consider are the purchases or upgrades you can make to your travel style which will make working on the road easier. For example, if paying for extra legroom on a plane means you’ll be more comfortable and can get more work done, you’ll earn more money and that purchase will be worth it.

This could also mean taking the more expensive train over the cheaper bus because you get car sick and wouldn’t be able to work on that bus. Or getting a private apartment with a coach instead of a small hotel room with just a bed. Think about the small adjustments you can make which are worth the investment and you’ll find yourself getting more comfortable getting work done while you’re on the road.

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