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“I’m nervous about speaking on the phone with a potential travel content writing client, what can I do?”

Before the call, get some talking points noted down such as why you’re on the call, how you found them, and how you can help.

Before you have the fluidity with your subject matter (as in the services that you’re offering, not just the subject matter of what you want to write about, but the subject matter of your services), it’s important to give yourself some text that:

  1. You’ve already written.
  2. You’ve practiced.
  3. You can say with ease when you’re nervous on the phone.

If somebody asks you a question that you don’t know, especially if it feels uncomfortable or makes you feel put on the spot (hello, pricing!), pivot to the answer that you’ve prepared.

Your talking points help you map your phone call and make sure that you are covering the things that your prospect actually wants to hear and needs to hear.

Write these down and practice them before you get on any of these phone calls because then you won’t forget to cover the bases that your prospect needs to know and put them at ease so that you can bring the conversation to where you want it to go.

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