Before the internet came along and offered every aspiring travel writer the opportunity not only to write for free on one’s own blog but to write for free for other people’s websites, new writers looking for an easy place to break in and get a first clip turned to local publications.

From village newspapers to alternative weeklies to major city papers like the San Francisco Chronicle and the L.A. Times, these regional publications were long a point of entry for new writers, but times have changed in more ways than one. Many of these local publications have shuttered, giving rise to the never-ending stories that print publications are dead.

But in their wake, a new breed of sleek, focused, successful local publications has sprung up, often combining a regional focus with a topical one, in the case of regional wedding magazines and the incredible rise of the Edible publications.

Building a relationship with editors where you live can be a much easier (and better paying) way to get ongoing writing work than scouring job sites online, since your proximity makes it easy to source and resource stories, and you’ll easily come across story ideas in our every day life.

Here are 49 regional magazines rife with travel-related content to fuel your next pitching spree:

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