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How to Get Yourself an Ongoing Travel Writing Gig This Week

Before we launch into how, exactly, to set yourself up with a steady stream of travel writing work, I want to look at some reasons why having a recurring travel writing job is so, so important. Especially for people who are either:

  • just starting out as travel writers
  • struggling to have a sustainable travel writing income even after many months or years at it (and with a healthy pile of clips to their names)

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A Simple, Crazy Successful Way to Start Making $2k (Minimum) This Month as a Travel Writer

One aspect of the typical travel writer’s life is that not every bit of work is a web or magazine article (or something related to one).

I could give you dozens of examples of “every day” working travel writers’ additional income streams (the sample breakdowns of six-figure travel writing incomes are a good place to start), but let’s look at some huge folks who are basically the “giants” of travel writing:

  • Don George
  • Tim Leffel
  • Jeff Greenwald

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Never Write the Story First (In Case You Didn’t Know)

When I go to conferences and talk to people who would like to publish travel articles, online or in print, one of the most frequent questions I get is:

But I should write the article before I pitch, right?

Or something like that. Some variation on the crazy, horrifying spread of misinformation out there that makes people think they should work many hours for peanuts to be published on some random travel website.

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