Have you done your taxes yet? If so, bravo!

Every winter, in fact before the holidays, I tell myself that I’m going to get my taxes in early so that I can get my tax refund as soon as possible. I like to think of it as a freelancer end-of-year bonus.

If you work for yourself, that might sound a bit surprising, right? That I’m looking out for my refund (a.k.a. money back) rather than dreading how much I’m going to own.

And I hear that from freelance travel writers often.

In fact, I have been getting *a lot* of questions about tax preparation this year, both from my coaching clients and from folks that have come to the Catskills to join us for a writing retreat.

Even though neither I nor anyone associated with Dream of Travel Writing is a tax professional, and, if we were, we would still have to tell you that all information is not official tax advice for your individual situation and to consult a tax professional, there’s one serious issue that I have noticed for travel and food writers.

Tax professionals, the vast majority of the time, do not treat our business taxes correctly.

To the point where I have had to do mine myself for years because I would be missing or misfiling many, many things that we as travel and food professionals should be deducting as business expenses.

I had the good fortune, before leaving my previous full-time job to freelance, to take a evening workshop through MediaBistro with a woman who was both a full-time editor of a luxury publication and a freelancer as well.

And she got very straight with us about what absolutely counts as a business expense for a food and travel writer that most folks will tell you you need to lose a lot of money on.

So today, for this week’s live webinar, join us for a new series on getting the business side of your freelance travel writing business. This week we’ll dive into everything you need to know to get your taxes in gear this year.

Catch Taking Control of Your Freelance Travel Writing Finances this Thursday, March 1, at 3:30pm EST / 12:30pm PST. We are excited to share the insights of a full-time tax accountant and freelance food and travel writer who has graciously shared his slides from his own talk on this topic with us, and are going to leave a lot of time for questions so we can make sure to answer everything that’s been on your mind.

Register here to get the call-in information to join us live. The replay will be available for the rest of the day for free for those who have registered before it goes off for transcription and is set up in our paid library of travel writing webinars.

You can get immediate access to all of our past webinars–and the new weekly webinar as soon as the video is done processing–with our Dream Buffet subscription.


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