It sounds totally counter-intuitive, but we have spent a lot of the past four weeks in our five-week series on reviewing your past year and setting the course for the year ahead talking about why goals don’t work.

I wholeheartedly believe that goals can be a real impediment to moving your travel writing career forward.

Before I reached a point where I had clients I enjoyed working with, enough work (at at least $100/hour) that I didn’t need to do any marketing, and complete control over my schedule, I had a lot of goals for my freelance lifestyle and my writing.

And a lot of the folks that come to me for freelance business coaching have very strongly held goals as well.

In fact, I think it’s one of the things that separates the dreamers from the doers in many ways.

When you are focused on doing–and I don’t mean working all the time and every weekend, but putting your head down and focusing on the work that actually contributes to where you want to be–you are working on something much more important than a goal.

You are building successful habits.

The act of working, and working regularly, and over the long-term is what matters.

Because the thing about the goals that brought you to travel writing in the first place is that they are inherently based on misinformation. They are the ideas that you had about travel writing and the freelance lifestyle before you tried it for yourself.

If you’ve even sent one pitch or written one piece for an editor who wasn’t yourself or tried to set up one website or have been working your butt off to built a client base that fits your needs for years, you know what I mean.

What the day-to-day of freelance travel writing looks like (for you) is absolutely not how you pictured it.

For good or for bad.

So what we’re going to do in this week’s webinar is to start to get a better hold on the reigns of that runaway stallion.

We’ll talk about how exactly to give yourself habits, to-do list items, and concrete, mapped-out steps to make your next year look dramatically different than this year one day at a time.

Join us tomorrow, Thursday, December 21 at 3:30 pm EST / 12:30 pm PST, for our webinar on Mapping Our Your Step-by-Step Plan for 2018 Success.

In a very special year-end webinar, we’ll continue the 2018 planning we began last week but move into scheduling specific your specific project goals and related actions throughout the year.

We invite our listeners to send in their prep from the earlier calls in this series so that they can have their plans for 2018 workshopped by me (anonymously if you wish, of course!).

Please note: if you haven’t caught the previous webinars in this series, we highly recommend doing so before joining today’s session. The webinar from last week will automatically expire at 3:30pm tomorrow, but you can still catch it now and make it a double-header of planning to double your business in the year ahead 🙂

Register here to catch the webinar live or have access to the replay for one week, after which time it will be available in our webinar library along with the full transcript.

Want to Get Your 2018 Road Map Workshopped on the Call?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Catch last week’s webinar for a full walk-through on how to pull these things together if you haven’t already
  2. Email (or respond to this email) with:
    1. Your permission to include you as an example in the call and whether or not we should use your name.
    2. A short paragraph (like those used in last week’s call) of background on what has transpired with your writing career in the last year.
    3. Your three words for 2018.
    4. A list of (at least three or four) concrete projects or accomplishments you pulled out of your “my freelance fairy tale 2018” exercise.


Please check out our new FAQ for any troubleshooting questions you may have if you partake in our webinars.



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