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Daily Free Travel Writing Webinars for December

You can now stream all of our past webinars–one each weekday–for free.

These webinars are only available at the times listed, live, but you can catch the replay in video, audio, and transcript form, along with the webinar slides, at any time in our on-demand webinar library.

Check out the full schedule of December’s webinars and register for your favorites below.

December Free Daily Webinars

Each weekday at 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm GMT / 11pm CET (and 9am AEDT Tues-Sat), enjoy one of the webinars from our library for free.
December 1: Annual Review Part 2: How to Clearly Catalog the Work and Opportunities You Have Now to See Where You Need to Go

December 2: Annual Review Part 3: Taking Stock of the Past Year to SWOT Yourself Into Shape

December 3: Annual Review Part 4: Getting Crystal Clear on What You'll Accomplish in the Next Year

December 4: Annual Review Part 5: Mapping Out Your Step-by-Step Plan for Success in the New Year

December 7: Taking Control of Your Freelance Travel Writing Finances

December 8: Taking Control of Your Freelance Travel Writing Time

December 9: Taking Control of How You Track and Reach Your Travel Goals

December 10: Taking Control of Your Ideas, Pitches and Follow-ups

December 11: How to Earn Big with Travel Content Marketing Writing

December 14: Tourism Board and Company Blogs vs. Personal Blogs and How to Make the Jump

December 15: How to Sell Blogging to Tourism Boards and Travel Companies

December 16: How to Locate the People Who Need Your Travel Content Marketing Writing

December 17: How to Craft a Travel Content Marketing Pitch that Gets Attention

December 18: How to Close the Deal: Proposals and Phone Calls that Get Results

December 21: Pricing, Negotiating and Contracts (for Travel Content Marketing and Magazine Writing)

December 22: How to Build Serious Business Partnerships at Travel Conferences

December 23: Best Practices When Writing on the Web for Travel Companies

December 24: Ghost(writ)ing on the Web as a Travel Writer

December 25: How to Get Work Done When You're on The Road

December 28: How to Research on the Road and Find Saleable Ideas While Traveling

December 29: Fundamentals of Free Travel for Freelancers with Points and Miles

December 30: Creating Your Own Free Travel Plan with Points and Miles

December 31: What To Expect On Press Trips

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