In honor of our first anniversary, we’ve launched an exciting new feature: You can now stream all of our past webinars–one each day–for free.

These webinars are only available at the times listed, live, but you can catch the replay in video, audio, and transcript form, along with the webinar slides, at any time in our on-demand webinar library.

Check out the full schedule of February’s webinars and register for your favorites below.

February Free Daily Webinars

Each weekday at 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm GMT / 11pm CET (and 9am AEDT Tues-Sat), enjoy one of the webinars from our library for free.
Feb 1: No daily webinar todayFeb 2: How to Set Up an Individual Sponsored Trip from Scratch

Feb 5: Getting a Spot on a Group Fam or Press Trip

Feb 6: How to Break Your Trips into the Maximum Number of Articles

Feb 7:
Putting Together a Pitch Portfolio to Support a Big Trip

Feb 8: What To Expect On Press Trips

Feb 9: How To Prepare For Your Press Trip

Feb 12: How to Get the Most (On the Ground) Out of Your Press Trips

Feb 13: Fundamentals of Free Travel for Freelancers with Points and Miles

Feb 14: Creating Your Own Free Travel Plan with Points and Miles

Feb 15: How to Get Work Done When You're on The Road

Feb 16: How to Research on the Road and Find Salable Ideas While Traveling

Feb 19: Secrets to Successful Interviews for Your Travel Articles

Feb 20: Securing Interview Sources to Make Your Stories Sing

Feb 21: Transforming Interviews into an Article (Real-Time Demo!)

Feb 22: Triple Your Travel Writing Income Writing For Magazines

Feb 23:The Magazine Landscape: Where All the Assignments are Hiding

Feb 26: How to Increase Your Pitch Success Rate by Analyzing Magazines

Feb 27: How to Generate Sure-Fire Saleable Article Ideas

Feb 28: Don't Create "Ideas" Out of Nowhere: How to Always Find Them When You Need Them

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