We’re getting so close to our new books coming out (you can read all about what we’re working on here), and it’s time to put the final touches on things and wrap it all up in a bow.

Too many mixed metaphors? 🙂

It’s time to choose the final titles and covers for the two books we’re putting out this spring! And we want to know what you would most like to see (and we’ll sweeten the deal a bit too).

In the past several weeks, we’ve had readers make a real impact on which magazines we’re going to feature in our book breaking down what magazines are publishing travel articles today and how to pitch them, and they’re told us which questions they want to see answered in our book on 101 things people want to know about being a travel writer.

People have won:

  • free copies of both books
  • coupons for free webinars
  • coaching calls
  • free months of subscriptions to our Travel Magazine Database and Dream Buffet, which includes our Travel Magazine Database, all of our past webinars, entrance to our live webinars–including exclusive AMAs, industry research reports, a top-of-the-line productivity system, and more

And this week, in addition to our randomly drawn giveaway (where you can win a free one-hour travel writing business coaching call) open to all who chime in and help us out by completing the survey, we’re throwing in something special.

If you have a title that we love even more than the ones we already had and we want to use it for one of our books, we’ll give you six months of access to our Dream Buffet!

So, what to you think?

Want to have a say in how our books look and what they will be called?

Head here before the end of the day on Sunday, April 7th, to chime in and win prizes!

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