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Have You Ever Tried to Pitch a Travel Article Idea in Person?

A few years back, I went to one of the major writing conferences in the U.S.—more for writing books that journalism or blogging—and it included the opportunity to share a table with dozens of literary agents for three minutes each and directly pitch them your book in hopes that they would like it and offer to represent you and help you get a book deal.

You only got 90 seconds to present your case though. The rest of them time was for them to respond or ask questions.

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Editors Have Needs. Please Fill Them.

Let’s turn your usual visions of an editor around. Rather than envisioning an editor:

  • seeing an email come in from someone they don’t know and either ignoring or deleting it;
  • finding something fundamentally wrong with your subject line and deleting your email without reading it;
  • opening your email, checking if you have any clips from national magazines and deleting it when they find none;
  • reading your email, liking the idea, and then sending it off to one of his or her writers to work on

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