We’re nearly halfway through the year, and the Travel Magazine Database has been publishing a new full magazine breakdown every day, covering everything you need to know about:

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In December and January, we also ran two rounds of searches for new writers for the database and have been delighted to add new writers to the team to keep the new magazines rolling your way.

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But that means that we’ve added more than one hundred new magazines to the database that you might not have heard about, so we wanted to pull them all together so you can easily see what’s new and check out magazines that interest you by topic.

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New Airline/Custom Magazines

  • WOW MagazineReady to chronicle your travels in the land of fire and ice? This airline publication tells the stories of people and places unique to Iceland.
  • DiscoveryHave a fresh take on an iconic place? We break down how to pitch your next travel feature to this Asian airline magazine.
  • WIZZ – We show you how to pitch features and destination profiles for the thrifty readers of this European low-cost carrier’s in-flight magazine.
  • Voyeur – Have a travel story from an exotic location? Connect with this Australian airline’s readers by pitching engaging stories that expand their horizons.
  • mabuhay – This Singapore-based custom magazine wants features covering the latest developments in cities like Singapore, Bangkok and Melbourne.
  • Oryx – This brand new revamp of Qatar Airways’ chic in-flight magazine needs thought-provoking and global features centered around each issue’s theme.
  • airberlin magazin – Do your travel tales uncover the story behind the story? This European airline’s sleek magazine is looking for edgy, immersive features.
  • Hemispheres – United Airlines’ magazine needs 12 to 15 freelance contributors to chronicle the best in art, technology, pop culture, business, and sports.
  • Southwest: The MagazineThis low-cost carrier known for its friendly policies is also freelance friendly, opening its feature well to new writers.
  • The National – All aboard! Amtrak’s new magazine offers freelancers multiple opportunities to profile American businesses and up-and-coming trends.
  • Morning Calm – This bilingual English and Korean magazine needs 9 freelancers to fill its unusual recurring departments each month.
  • EasyJet Traveller – With a network of 136 destinations, this airline covers a lot of ground, as does its magazine. Become one of the 20 freelancers per issue filling its pages.
  • enRoute – This Canadian in-flight magazine offers freelance writers multiple opportunities to break in with unusual profiles. Learn what to pitch them in our breakdown.
  • High Life – Voted one of the most important magazines of the 20th century, this British in-flight magazine welcomes freelancers for its feature well.
  • b.inspired – This airline in-flight caters to its small home country as well as a powerful global network with its city guides and profile.
  • Rhapsody – Have luxury travel article ideas looking for a home? Learn how to pitch this upper-class in-flight magazine for a major global airline.
  • Sky – Delta’s inflight magazine needs 10 to 15 contributors per issue to cover a mix of international and domestic destinations that are trending or relevant to current events.
  • Wings – Have a quirky travel fact you’d love to investigate? This European in-flight magazine is looking for your pitches.
  • Shubh Yatra – Have a pitch on Indian culture, food, or fashion? Check out the “Open House” column in this Delhi-based in-flight magazine.
  • Silkwinds – This new in-flight magazine from a hip Asian low-cost carrier wants your pitches for postcard pieces on up-and-coming destinations.
  • PrivatAir – 800-word profiles. 2000-word features. This luxury publication in the Travel Magazine Database offers a range of opportunities for writers.
  • N by Norwegian – Have a long-form travel story you’ve been looking for a home for? This airline magazine is looking for pitches that uncover a destination’s unique quirks.
  • ELLIMAN – Focused on luxury for an affluent audience, this high-end custom magazine needs your fine art and design pitches.
  • Business Life (British Airways) – Found a business on your travels that’s just crying out to be profiled? Pitch this business-oriented in-flight magazine.
  • Alaska Beyond – With 20 freelance contributors per issue this in-flight publication is looking for your next pitch on travel, lifestyle, and business.
  • Wynn – This New York-based custom magazine from Wynn Las Vegas resort wants your pitches on on fashion, cuisine, and luxury travel.

New Major Newsstand Magazines

  • National Geographic Traveler – This bimonthly magazine needs thoughtful features that inspires readers to make any journey into a transformative one.
  • Conde Nast Traveler – Are you the first to know what’s trending in travel? We’ll show you how to pitch your ideas to the most authoritative source on luxury travel and lifestyle.
  • USA TODAY Go Escape – With a focus on people, travel, and culture, this biannual publication is looking for 30 contributors per issue whose stories reflects the pulse of the nation.
  • Robb Report (US) – Consider yourself a luxury brand connoisseur? We’ll show you how to pitch the publication that showcases the most prestigious luxury brands around the world to ultra-affluent consumers.
  • Saveur – Love to cook (and eat)? Pitch to the most trusted voice in global epicurean lifestyle and connect with readers who are passionate cooks, stylish entertainers, and culinary explorers.
  • Cigar Aficianado – What’s nicer than a Cuban cigar? This male luxury lifestyle magazine needs your take on the finer things in life: sports, cars, gaming, and, of course, cigars.
  • Southern Living – This major newsstand publication is looking for travel stories that celebrate the food, culture and history of the South.
  • Travel + Leisure – If you’re looking for solid rates with minimal time investment, target the online slideshows and front-of-book shorts in this major newsstand title.
  • Elite Traveler – This New York-based, jet set-oriented publication with a small staff has openings in sections of all sizes for freelancers with luxury travel ideas.
  • Cowboys & Indians – This Native American-focused magazine needs your history stories. Learn how to pitch them.
  • Military History – This magazine needs 13 contributors per issue for stories on military history from ancient times to the late 20th century.
  • Archaeology – Queue up your pitches on what’s new in ancient history–either news and trends or feature-length stories–for this magazine.
  • Trains – With 13 freelancers an issue, this railroading magazine is a prime break-in market for new freelance writers around the world.
  • Beer Connoisseur – Pitch this Atlanta-based consumer magazine focused on the culture, history, and production of beer your beer travel and trend pieces.
  • American Cowboy – If you have encountered a fascinating cowboy story–particularly a modern day figure–pitch your feature to this Western-focused pub.
  • FT Weekend – As the weekend edition of the U.K.’s main high-end newspaper, this consumer magazine wants insider pitches on lux experiences.
  • Whisky Advocate – This newsstand mag goes beyond whisky to highlight the bigger travel picture in its 48-hours pieces. Learn how to pitch them.

New Indie Magazines

  • Avaunt – This UK-based publication needs 15 to 20 freelance writers per issue to cover adventures from the wildest, highest, deepest, coldest and hottest corners of Earth.
  • Days Like This – Tour company Scott Dunn’s publication needs 5 freelancers per issue to highlight cleverly curated luxury travel experiences in emerging destinations.
  • Herdes – Pitch this Spain-based magazine a photo-heavy piece that redefines the meaning of traveling.
  • Arcadia – This glossy UK-based mag tackles short features around one topic each issue through the four main themes of culture, food, style, and adventure.
  • Another Escape – Around the theme of each issue in this popular indie magazine, freelancers have wide leeway for thoughtful features on outdoor culture and sustainability.
  • The Collective Quarterly – This slow journalism magazine is looking for 12 to 15 contributors per issue to explore the essence of the current issue’s single region focus.
  • Ernest – This frozen-in-time indie magazine needs pitches from writers that appreciate true craftsmanship and timeless natures of a destination’s history and traditions.
  • Weekend Almanac – Do you have the antidote to the workday blues? Pitch to this quirky independent magazine which covers weekend fun ideas in the Bay Area.
  • The Ride Journal – Live to bike? Track racers, BMXers, and every day riders read this publication to hear your personal stories on the joy of cycling.
  • Tiny Atlas Quarterly – Want to reveal the personal side to your travel story? This publication highlights the glamorous life of travel writers and photographers with a very personal focus.
  • Stay Wild – Calling all adrenaline junkies! Pitch this Portland-based magazine stories that combine action sports and the beauty of outdoor lifestyles.
  • Darling – If you’re a woman in travel, we’ll show you how to pitch your female-focused travel narratives and city guides to this LA-based magazine dedicated to the modern woman.
  • The Travel Almanac – Pitch the world’s first true post-tourism publication whose biannual editions showcase creative opinions on today’s travel concepts.
  • [wherever] – This New York-based biannual print journal wants writers whose stories encapsulate the transformative power of travel.
  • Bunyan Velo – Cyclists who travel near and far: this quarterly collection of photographs, essays, and stories is looking for contributors that inspire readers to travel by bicycle.
  • The Outpost – This ambitious magazine needs writers who offer forward-thinking analysis of the present, past, and future of the Arab world.
  • Suitcase – If you have an eye for aesthetic, this stunning independent magazine has multiple sections open to freelancers you should be pitching.
  • Boat – Have the insider take on a cool city? Pitch this single-city magazine, which deep dives each issue into one global culture mecca.
  • Lodestars Anthology – Pitch your long-form stories to this all-feature indie title (freelancers contribute half the content!), which focuses on a single country each issue.
  • Flaunt – This massive indie magazine uses 45 freelancers per issue to highlight its theme of embracing your differences and the freedom to express yourself.
  • Brygg – Can’t travel without a caffeine fix? Pitch your local finds from the road to this magazine focused on conversations around coffee, travel and culture.

New Outdoor/Adventure/Sports Magazines

  • Ascent – The world’s leading climbing publication needs thrilling ascent stories and insider tricks to share with its rockclimbing readers.
  • Adventure Cyclist – With a readership of both global bicycle-travelers and recreational cyclists, this publication is looking for features on both national and international bicycle-travel.
  • Outpost – Have a humorous, off-the-beaten-path travel story to share? Canada’s best travel magazine needs features that are insightful, funny, and sometimes irreverent.
  • Boating – If you love powerboats, the world’s largest powerboat magazine needs your insider tips on powerboat buying and DIY maintenance.
  • Golf World – Dedicated to perfecting your golf swing? Pitch your best game to a publication whose affluent readership looks to invest in the finest equipment, coaching, and golf-focused travel.
  • Wild – Serious adventurers needed: Australia’s longest running wilderness adventure magazine needs your remote adventure experiences.
  • Adventure Travel – Live for the great outdoors? Pitch your outdoor travel suggestions to this bi-monthly magazine, which covers trekking, mountaineering, and other outdoor activities in the world’s most adventurous locations.
  • Mountain Magazine – This outdoor pub uses 18 freelance contributors an issue for mountain-focused sections like a monthly hotel highlight on mountain lodges in North America.
  • Outdoor Life – This storied Bonnier publication offers freelancers multiple opportunities to contribute first-person travel experiences set outdoors.
  • Motorcyclist – If you travel by motorcycle, this publication needs your first-person travel stories.
  • Get Lost – This independent adventure magazine out of Australia relies on freelancers to track down truly emerging and off-the-beaten-path destinations.
  • RV Travel Lifestyle – There are ways to pitch your love for road trips! We’ll show you how.
  • Canoe & Kayak – Had an interesting North American wilderness experience related to canoeing or kayaking? This pub wants your first-person stories.
  • ShowBoats International – This luxury yacht-focused publication has multiple opportunities each month for freelancers to contribute feature-length profiles.
  • Field & Stream – Travel writers with an interest in hunting or fishing can share their field recipes and first-person adventures to land a byline in this publication.
  • Salt Water Sportsman – Have some advice to help them catch the one that got away? This Florida-based magazine has been the fishing authority for saltwater anglers since 1939, and needs your insider tips to get their readers hooked.
  • Mountain Flyer – Calling all mountain bikers! This mountain biking magazine looks for high quality imagery in their in-depth feature articles about prime cycling destinations around the world.
  • SKI – Hit the slopes lately? Pitch the latest news in mountain and snow country lifestyle trends to the skiers and winter travelers that comprise this Colorado-based consumer magazine’s readership.
  • Birds & BloomsHave a gardening story to pitch? North America’s #1 bird and garden magazine needs freelancers with gardening know-how.
  • Overland Journal – This Arizona-based consumer magazine is looking for 8 freelancers per issue to cover environmentally responsible expedition travel and exploration opportunities in North America and around the world.
  • PassageMaker – Yacht enthusiasts, share your gear tips and reviews of the vessels themselves to get a byline in this pub.
  • Great Walks – Want to pitch a personal hiking story? This publication needs six feature-length articles focusing on walking trips from around the world each issue.
  • Caravan World – Are caravans the best way to see Australia? Readers of our latest entry’s magazine agree. We’ll show you how to reach this audience.
  • Flying – This magazine needs your pitches on aviation news, gear, techniques, safety, and trends.
  • Cyclist – Pitch this magazine classic rides in Europe and tips on improving performance.
  • Yoga Journal – This well-known yoga and lifestyle magazine needs seven freelancers per issue.
  • Cruising World – With the wind in your hair and the sea at your feet it is hard not to have a great sailing story. We show you how to pitch that story and get your adventures out to over 380,000 readers.
  • Backcountry – If writing about backcountry winter sports is your specialty, this magazine needs your pitches.
  • SNOW – Learn how to pitch this Colorado-based magazine that focuses on luxury ski resorts, shops, cuisine and destinations.
  • Transworld Snowboarding – This magazine focuses on inspiring snowboarders to get out and ride all around the world.
  • Cruise International – If you have had an amazing experience on an international luxury or adventure cruise, pitch it here.
  • Sailing Today – This London-based consumer magazine focuses on sailing, boat reviews, and boating events.
  • Country Walking – This magazine has had up to thirty freelance contributors per issue penning stories, guides, and gear reviews on walking in the UK and abroad.
  • Trail –  Share your inspirational stories on hiking or walking around Britain to land a byline in this publication.
  • Australian Geographic Outdoor – This major Australian magazine needs 11 freelancers each issue for inspirational stories and advice for adventure and outdoor travel.

New International Titles

  • Signature Luxury Travel & Style – This magazine’s luxury travelers don’t just want hotel reviews. Pitch them your authentic encounters with cultures.
  • The Monocle Escapist – Monocle’s once-a-year special edition needs 20 to 30 contributors to explore the latest in summer travel.
  • Horizon & Beyond – This bilingual English and Arabic magazine offers the best in bespoke luxury travel.
  • Dreamscapes Travel & Lifestyle – Are you a traveling Canadian? Canada’s premier travel and lifestyle magazine covers destinations around the world, often from a Canadian point of view.
  • Holidays for Couples – Travel often with a significant other? The ultimate guide to romantic travel is looking to hear luxury travel experiences from couples of all ages.
  • Scan Magazine – Interested in Scandinavian fashion or interior design? Pitch your feature to this publication, the English-language outlet for Brand Scandinavia.
  • Exclusively British – This British luxury lifestyle magazine is looking for freelancers’ hotel picks, things to do, and unique experiences only found within Great Britain.
  • IN London – London’s only official luxury lifestyle magazine needs your pitches to keep up with its fast-paced luxury scene.
  • Coast (UK) – Going to the coast on holiday? Pitch your itinerary to this British coastline magazine, which provides UK holiday and day trip inspiration.
  • House of Travel Inspire – This Auckland-based custom magazine from New Zealand’s largest independent chain of travel agents needs contributors to provide travel tips and inspiration in a humorous and conversational tone.
  • Mercedes Benz Magazine (Canada) -This magazine reflects the luxury lifestyle of Mercedes-Benz owners, covering travel, architecture, design, technology, fashion and the arts.
  • Robb Report (UK) – The UK edition of this quintessential luxury publication needs 15 to 20 contributors per issue to cover the latest luxury trends and developments.
  • Outdoor Photography – Are you a photographer who’s passionate about the outdoors? Pitch to this UK-based publication.
  • Lonely Planet Traveller – The UK magazine from the popular guidebook publisher needs features from freelancers.
  • Intermezzo – This food-focused title needs freelance features on international cuisine.
  • Caribbean Living – Want to share your hidden Caribbean destinations? This Florida-based publication needs contributors per issue to share their favorite remote Caribbean destinations.
  • Travel Africa – Have a scoop on African safaris? This magazine looks for 17 contributors per issue to cover the latest African travel news.
  • Patagon Journal – Outdoor adventure. Travel. Chilean and Argentine Patagonia. Have a story that unites these three? Pitch it here.
  • Taste and Travel – Are you a culinary traveler? Pitch your favorite food destination to this Ontario-based publication.
  • Australian Geographic – Interested in Australia’s unique flora and fauna? Pitch your favorite Australian wildlife species to this freelance-friendly publication section.
  • Conde Nast Traveller India – As the leading voice in luxury travel and lifestyle for the Indian audience, this publication calls for features on culture, shopping, fashion, inspirational travel stories, and more.
  • Milk – Travel Magazine Database has revealed how to pitch this print that focuses on travel & lifestyle as a modern parent.
  • Epicure – Do you have the 411 on the international culinary scene? The readers of this magazine include affluent professionals, driven foodies, and aspiring cooks looking to advance their culinary knowledge. We tell you how to pitch your amazing food experience to this curious crowd.
  • Italia Magazine – Searching for La Dolce Vita? Pitch this Italy-centric magazine. They need 10+ freelancers a month.
  • Peppermint – This stunning Australian glossy is the home for your sustainability-focused pitches.
  • Action Asia – This Hong Kong-based consumer magazine focuses on outdoor adventure travel. There are about eight freelance contributors per issue and we have tips on becomming one of them.
  • Australian Gourmet Traveller – This Sydney-based consumer magazine focuses on the best of the best when it comes to food, travel, and lifestyle in Australia.
  • Getaway – Readers of this magazine are South African-based and travel frequently within the country as well as internationally. They are interested in photography, outdoor sports, travel stories and gear. Do you have a story to pitch? We share tips on how to break into this great publication.


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