A very cool opportunity came my way this past week that I am excited to share with all of you.

​If you regularly join us for our new weekly webinar, you may have heard me rave about a conference that I went to earlier this spring/late winter that was bursting with editors that were friendly, easy to connect and chat with, and from very high-profile outlets.

I also mentioned that the conference itself was very expensive for an association conference and so it probably wasn’t the best fit for many of you.

But… (there must be a but, right?)

They have a really attractive promotion going on right now for membership to the association (the International Association of Culinary Professionals), which includes recordings of many of the sessions with editors I found particularly valuable from the annual conference.

The way it works is that you get ​50% off​if​ ​you’re referred by a member who just renewed.

And to incentivize members to renew, they are they refunding the member whose referral code was used 50% off of their membership.

But (another very cool but!) I want to do something for you guys rather than get that refund off my membership, because I know this kind of investment is often a stretch for many of you.

So, here’s what I’m going to do.

If you want to take 50% off the membership fee and join the association using my code LOGAN18 by end of day on June 15th, I will also split up the refund that I get from the referrals evenly and PayPal it back to everyone who joined so they get more than 50% off.

How much will you get back? I don’t know! It depends how many other people join, but the maximum is that your entire membership will be free (because you get 50% off and I get reimbursed 50% of your fee and then send it back to you).

Sounds like a lot of math?

I know, and I’m sorry! But in the end it’s all good for you.

In short, here’s what you need to know:

  • You can immediately take 50% off your International Association of Culinary Professionals membership for July 2018 – July 2019, which includes free access to recordings from the previous year’s conference, discounted rates for the upcoming conference, ​emails for all members including magazine editors, and other educational goodies throughout the year. ​​
  • If you do so by the end of day June 15th, you can get up to 100% off your membership with our special reimbursement for DOTW readers.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Join the association here using code LOGAN18 to take 50% off immediately. You’ll find the full information about IACP’s promotion and association benefits at that link as well.
  2. If you have any issues using the code LOGAN18 for your 50% off or any other questions about the association or registering ​do not contact us regarding IACP questions. ​Your contact is Margaret Crable (margaret@iacp.com​). ​I am only a member and have no answers to any technical issues about their site or details of membership past what I have shared with you here. Margaret has personally told me that you should me her with any questions or issues. If we receive emails of this nature at our customer service email, we won’t pass them on, so please contact her directly with registration questions!
  3. Once you have registered, forward your payment confirmation to questions@dreamoftravelwriting.com. There are different types of memberships, so we need to see ​what​ you have signed up for to match you to the right refund in my member account. ​ALSO Please send us the email you use for PayPal payments so that we can send your portion of the refund. Please make sure to do this the first time. We won’t follow up if we don’t have all of your information ready to process.
  4. After Friday, June 15, we will collate the refunds we receive from IACP against the receipts we’ve gotten from you guys and split everything up and PayPal you your portion of the refund. You may receive from us 100% of the fee you already paid, rendering your membership to IACP free, or a smaller proportion depending on how many people take advantage of this opportunity before the end of day June 15.
  5. We will not be able to include anyone who registers for IACP after June 15 in our refunds, but you will still be able to take 50% off your registration here using code LOGAN18 *at any time.*
  6. The refund in addition to your 50% off comes from us not IACP, is administered by us, and only available to those who follow the directions outlined above. By registering for IACP using the discount code you are not ​entitled​ to anything beyond 50% off of your registration. Issuing the additional refund is entirely at our discretion, because it is a gift 🙂 to you not connected to purchase.

Whew. Enough details and legal speak from me!

I hope some of you guys are able to take advantage of this great opportunity to get your association registration basically for free!


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