Today’s holiday trivia: While Christmas is typically associated with December 25, Orthodox eastern denominations celebrate the holiday in January. But Armenians take it to an entirely different level. Today begins Nakhatsenendyan Toner , a three-day-long Christmas Eve celebration that includes climbing on the roof of your home to sing Christmas carols.

We’re admittedly stretching the ten number a bit here and counting the introduction and the (very full!) appendix as chapters, but today we want to give you the opportunity to get The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map at cost to us–including shipping!

It costs us a bit more than $5 each to get each book printed, a dollar or so per book for shipping from the printer, then another $6 to send it to you by trackable mail.

So, today, if you don’t already have a copy of The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map, you can grab your copy for just $13.

The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map is literally a step-by-step road map, complete with 15 hands-on exercises along the way, for how to boost your travel writing income.

Exercises include:

  • how to set up your travel writing website and online presence in one hour
  • how to break your trips into travel article pitches
  • how to analyze a travel magazine to find what the editor is looking for
  • how to write travel article pitches in just 15-minutes
  • how to find and reach out to your own on-going travel writing clients

The last fifty pages of The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map also include ten appendices detailing more than 1,500 magazines that need travel articles, real press trip itineraries, sample travel content proposals you can send to companies, and lists of the top travel conferences, writing resources, and twitter chats.

We also offer plans for how to work through the book based on where you are in your travel writing journey, whether you:

  • are thinking about going into travel writing part- or full-time
  • have some travel writing clips that you’ve done for your own blog,
    for free, or at low rates, and want to figure out how to make this a
  • have been travel writing part- or full-time for a year or more but haven’t
    been able to get your income where you’d like it to be
  • have dozens or hundreds of clips already and just want to take
    your game to the next level–especially if you’re looking to break into the regular, recurring-income-oriented world of content marketing

Want to know more? Read a chapter-by-chapter breakdown here.

Grab your print copy today for $13, so you can hit the ground running in the new year.

What readers are saying:

The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map is a gold mine for both new and seasoned travelers. Instead of fluffy, theoretical advice, Gabi takes readers step by step through the nitty gritty (but vital) tactics that can turn a travel writing dream into a profitable, sustainable reality. I can’t recommend this book enough!

Delivery: Since we’re out of the country right now, all books will be shipped as soon as we’re back next week, so you can expect them to arrive Monday or Tuesday January 15 or 16.

You’ll immediately receive a digital copy of the book when you order to tide you over in the meantime.

Please note: This offer is only available for U.S. addresses. There is an option to an additional fee for international shipping on the purchase page.

This offer has ended. Thank you!

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