Do you Dream of Travel Writing?

We're here to help travel writers learn how to grow their income, whether they're just starting out or have been at it for years and just can't get the money side of the freelance business equation to add up.

When you first dream of being a travel writer, seeing the beautiful beach trips and culture-packed city escapes enjoyed by freelancers on assignment, the gulf between where you are and the travel writing life feels vast. You're not even sure:

  • - how to get an assignment with a magazine
  • - if you should write for free to start to get some "clips"
  • - how to write a travel article or blog post if you do magically get an assignment

We've got answers to all these questions and much, much more: start here.

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So Many Things Suck About Trying to Figure Out How to Become a Travel Writer

Where do I start?
How do you cut through all the noise and zero in what you actually need to do to get your travel writing published? We've got you covered. Start here.
How do I get published?
Do you feel like it’s just so much easier to write for free or $20 for websites when you’re just starting out? Don’t! There are editors out there hungry for travel stories from people just like you.
What will I earn?
Did someone tell you that nobody pays travel writers? Please tell us who so we can slap them silly. Websites, magazines, book publishers, and companies pay tons of money for travel writing.

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