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A Very Special Webinar with Guests from Two Tourism Boards!

Photo by Cole Hutson on Unsplash

In the first webinar in our series on conducting interviews that take your stories to the next level, I talked about the very first interview that I ever did for my first blog with the editor of mega food website Epicurious.

At the time, to prepare for the interview, I read articles on tons of general journalism websites about how to prepare interview questions, and I dutifully wrote, re-wrote, re-worded, scraped, re-wrote, and re-worded all of my questions until I was sure I had the perfect set.

But when I was doing the actual interview, it lacked energy, connection, and opportunities to get great quotes because I was so focused on my prepared questions.

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How to Put Together a Pitch Portfolio to Support a Big Trip

Pitching is pitching is pitching.

If you know how to pitch, you can get magazine assignments, secure spots on press trips and land gigs writing blogs for company whether you’re battling the hordes flocking to respond to an online job ad or blazing a trail and cold emailing a tour company owner you’ve never met who isn’t technically in the market for a writer.


If you can nail one you can nail them all?

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Setting Up Sponsored Trips 101

“We call this the travel section, not the don’t travel section.”

– A real editor’s response to a story filed about a press trip that didn’t showcase the highlights of a destination as intended shared at the recent TBEX conference

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