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Now Announcing: The Final Titles of Our New Books Debuting This Spring (And A Cover Sneak Peak!)

We are so thankful to all of those who helped us to finalize the titles and covers of our two new books debuting this spring!

One of the interesting things that we noticed when reviewing the survey results was that in some cases, there wasn’t an obvious winner on one count or another, but there was a clear display of the direction people wanted to take things in.

As a result, for the covers of one of our books, we’ve taken a slight detour back to the drawing board to consider some new choices in line with what people seemed most excited about, and we have a very exciting new cover that we’re working on for that and jazzed about presenting to you very soon.

In the meantime, I’m very pleased to announce the final titles of our new books and share more about what they will cover and contain!

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Join Us for Our Art Gallery Book Party in Boston This Thursday!

We are very excited and humbled to announce that (some) awesomeness has miraculously aligned for us to throw a party for our new book on what magazines are looking for freelance articles from travel writers and how to pitch them in Boston this Thursday evening!

I’ll be traveling for the next month in a lot of places, but none with so many people I know who love travel and writing, so we’ve chosen Boston to celebrate our next book coming out later this month.

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Help Us Choose the Covers and Final Titles of Our New Books and Enter to Win a Very Special Prize

We’re getting so close to our new books coming out (you can read all about what we’re working on here), and it’s time to put the final touches on things and wrap it all up in a bow.

Too many mixed metaphors? 🙂

It’s time to choose the final titles and covers for the two books we’re putting out this spring! And we want to know what you would most like to see (and we’ll sweeten the deal a bit too).

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A Small Moment of Inspiration from One of My Students

I just finished a coaching call that made me so verklempt over and over.

The person I was talking to was a single mom in a very sandwich generation time of her life who was literally in the process of giving up on her writing dream when we started working together.

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What Will We Do at Our Summer Camp + My First “Press Trip” Retreats?

This week, we’re opening up registration for a brand-new retreat specifically requested by our readers.

During our Coaching Program Summer Camp last year, we had such a wonderful, inspiring, and rejuvenating time simply being travel writers together, doing our own thing but in the company of others with similar goals, experiences, and issues to debate over meals and wine tastings, that our readers wanted us to expand it, so we’ve created a new retreat to do just that.

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